Let Me make things clear first
I will never reject a submissive for not wanting to be financially dominated nor will I force them in to financial domination. Finsubs find there way to Me and it's there desire to give Me total control over their finances or have them shower me with Lindens and gifts. For Me it's just another way to have total control over another human being and that is how I like it.

There is a lot of judgement when it comes to FinDom. I've been called a gold digger, a money whore, a financial predator. I'll be honest, when I first entered the D/s scene I had the same idea about FinDommes.
But the longer I was part of the D/s scene and understood the psychological aspects of D/s even better then when I started I found FinDom not so different than the other forms of D/s Some folks get a kick being controlled physically, some get a similar kick when you take all their money

About Teamviewer.
That's a No for me!
Why? Teamviewer is used by many FinDommes to drain their sub financially and to blackmail them with things they find on their subs computer. A lot of Dommes think that this is only in their advantage, but I believe the use of Teamviewer can harm a Domme when the sub in question has stuff in her/his pc that is against the law. I have no need to be put in position to report whom so ever for having illegal stuff on their computer, having to make my RL info and connection to the sub in question public.
And yes, I would feel obliged to report someone if I found there to be things that need to be reported.
And yes, I have heared of subs putting very illegal stuff on their computer with the idea of it being used to be blackmailed and Dommes putting themself in a very sticky situation. So, I'll pass on Teamviewer.

Finsubs who come to Me will have to Tribute Me frequently. We will discuss frequency and amounts.
In My picks there is also a Wishlist.

If you are interested submitting to me and let me control you financially, send me a notecard. I'll make sure I'll return you a card with My rules and application form.

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