I got started with SL Porn being bored and answering a casting call in SL search with my dear friend and now well known SL Porn producer and star Thorgal McGillivary and for a while I was very active doing porn machinima and photography.

Nowadays my main focus is no longer SL porn altho I still do some acting work for friends and people who know me. I am still involved in nude, erotic and pornographic photography

If you are interested working with me, send me a notecard in world. I will not join casting or exclusive groups to get some work. If you look at what I have done previously that should be enough for you to decide if you want to work with me or not.

My pictures are posted in my blog and on my Flickr page:

The landscaper (model & photographer)

All by Myself (model & photographer)

Fucked by Jamezz (model & photographer)

Devirginizing a TGirl (model & photographer)

Old Friends (model & photographer)

Meeting Quinn Ying (model & photographer)

Love Lust & Sin (model & photographer)

A list of all the movies I either starred in or produced:

Teken Me (leading actress)

I'm Loving It (leading actress)

The Porn Cable Guy (leading actress and producer)

Portfolioshoot (leading actress)

Video Message (leading actress and producer)

Dick Tasty (Nothing in Second Life is free) (leading actress)

AleXo "Fuck this girl while she is wet" (leading actress)

AleXo - Casting №6 - Aurelia Lionheart (leading actress)

3 Girls 1 Guy (actress)