Monday, 3 December 2012

A Halloween Tale

It was a late Halloween night, Vam was visiting his best friend's grave sight. It was just a year ago since he died. All of a sudden he heared his name

A demonic woman appeared out of the dark

Vam was freightened. A demon on Halloween night, this just couldn't end well

"Vam, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm here because I have something to offer you"

Still freightened but curious he listened to her offer. If he would do everything she's ask of him she might consider returning his friend from the dead.

She promised him no harm would be done and he agreed. Wanting his best friend back so very much.

She chuckled and pushed him to the ground "Let the fun begin" she whispered

Vam couldn't believe his luck, this demon was going to have sex with him and bring his best friend back from the dead.

After hours of hot sex she sucked his cock so hard it was obvious she wanted his cum. And so he gave it to her.

Her face covered with his cum, she giggled and then dissapeared in thin air.

Leaving Vam puzzled. After spending some hours naked on the graveyard it dawned to him. This might have been the best sex he ever had but his best friend wasn't coming back.

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