Monday, 4 June 2012

Hidding behind the Avatar

Maybe it's the weather or something else in the air that has a lot of people acting out on SL.
I see a lot of grown ups with the emotional integraty of a zombie.
It's all about the: "he/she started first.." "he/she talked behind my back..."

Drama... it's only drama if you feed it.
When someone starts talking bad about you it's not drama yet.
When you feel so insecure you go straight in the defence and start throwing back with mud.. that's drama.

I guess it all has to do with insecurity.
I agree it's not nice if someone is saying bad things about you.
But because this person is saying so.. should you make a fool of yourself by getting ready for war?
People tend to believe what they like to believe... so if someone is telling others you're the worlds greatest morron and people acknowledge this, they probably already thought you weren't so great to begin with. And by acting out and bark those people you'll probably only confirm what they already believed.

People tend to take SL way to seriously.
Hidding behind their avatars make insecure people feel like a god and acting like idiots. Hiding safely behind a remote controled puppet. Doing all the things they can not do in RL.
Real life isnt important anymore, cause there they are the person they don't want to be.
Any person that in their mind comes near to exposing their rl flaws or try to put their populairity to the test becomes a threat. 

The worse thing is that I see that most of these people and the imaginary war they are with someone, rather have others fight for them. People who are even more insecure and want to pull them selves up a higher level by being around someone who they think have the power (but actually just have the biggest mouth and biggest fantasy). I pity people like this. Wanting to be so populair they are actually willing to fight someone elses battle. When really there shouldn't be a battle at all

Yes SL keeps amazing me.
And also worries me.. so many people with so many serious psychological flaws trying to be gods in SL.
Well maybe it's a good thing they are here in SL acting this ridiculous way and not in RL.

I don't fool myself by thinking I'm reaching one of these people with this blogs. They live in a world where everyone is at fault except themselves. They never do anything wrong.
I just want to say that people who recognize someone else in this: Don't get dragged in to the drama.
Ignore them, mute them, laugh at them and enjoy your SL life. If you do so they probably will try and kick you down again, because you don't acknowledge them as your sl god ...but if you fall, it's you who is letting them do this to you.

Welcome to SL...
You'll find more mature people at a kindergarten.

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