Tuesday, 22 May 2012

If you work for him, you're a slut...

Here's my concern.
The past few weeks I have spoken to several girls in the SL Porn scene who feel they are being manipulated who to work with and with who not.
It seems that some of the machinama makers can't stand each other for what ever reason (I do not care about those reasons, I don't wanna know about those reasons). What does upset me is that some of those guys  have a very mean and cruel way to push their fellow filmer out of the spotlight and that is by using other people.

Some examples:
"You can not work with so and so.. if you do you are just one of his sluts"
"If you continue working with so and so, no one will ever take you serious again and everyone will think you are a whore"
"You shouldn't work or even talk to so and so, it will be bad for your pornstar carreer"

Seriously.. where are we? In kindergarten? Grow up people!
There is this very nifty device in SL and that's MUTE. If you can't stand a person use that or just ignore them. Don't go bother other people with your problem and hell no.. don't try and make other feels bad because they do like that person.

And for the girls that came to me the past few weeks.
If someone tells you you are a slut for being friends with someone you like. Get the hell away from them cause you are dealing with a very immature, manipulative bastard! That's the person you shouldn't be working with!

Saturday, 19 May 2012