Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Shoe Thing

One of my SL pet peeves is men and SL fashion.
Once I wrote about there are too many guys on SL walking round without a shirt. That blog gave me some very diverse responses. From girls agreeing with me or telling me it was so sexy seeing guys´ nipples all the time. Also from guys, also agreeing with me but I got a lot of reasons why they choose not to wear shirt. Most given reasons were:
1. I like walking round shirtless, cause in RL I can't
2. It's hard to find good quality shirts in SL
That last "excuse" is BS... lots of great stores in SL selling nice shirts. Saying you can't find good once is just saying "I'm a cheap bastard with no intention of investing money for clothes for my avatar"  Ask them if they are genetically correct and most of them will tell you they have the best "equiptment "  that lindens can buy.
So they wanna invest in a dick.. just not in making the rest of their avatar look attractive.

Same thing is the shoe thing.
So many guys on SL choose to walk around without any. " There are no good shoe stores for guys in SL"
And again that's BS. There are good shoe stores in SL and I alsways gladly send them a few Landmarks. Then the next excuse is "Yeah but that store is expensive" Well what do you think you pay for a pair of Moody's, Slink's, N-core's or Purrfect 10's? Sure women can score a couple of cheap shoes all over SL. Still the better looking ones are expensive too.

So invest a 1200L on 2 pair of shoes or buy a prim cock first?
Seriously, do you think I would fuck a dude that goes around SL with those hideous avatar feet?
I look at the avatar first before peeking in your pants.

Some names of stores, showing you guys' shoes in SL can be affordable:

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  1. I agree about the guys not wearing shirts. Seems mostly it happens in sex sims. 90% of the time they have no shirt and a very bad unrealistic tattoo covering their body. That's another thing all together. I really can't stand these pitch black tattoos. Tattoos fade over time they just dont look real.