Sunday, 22 January 2012

Taking it Easy?

So yes, you haven't heared a lot from me, about me. Not that many juicy gossip, hardcore porn or other things appearing on this blog. And if it does happen it all seems to be on the PG side.

Truth is I'm getting a bit tired from the SL Porn Industry. There is too many drama going on, people kissing the ground you walk on in public but before you know it have put a knife in your back when no one is looking. That hasn't really happened to me yet, but I always kept low profile. I prefer quality over quantity and I refuse to fuck around in a whole group to get a job.

I believe the core of the groups I'm "active" in are really talented people. Just take a look at the nominees on Emma's blog for The Sexiest Awards. They are really great sl porn movies and they all should win a Sexiest Award! But that core is sometimes over screamed by people who want to make as much porn as possible or just use it to become populair as a fucktoy. It's those people who fucked the class off from being a SL Pornstar. And then there are the people who take themselves too seriously, who really haven't accomplished that much in SL porn but give themselves a self proclaimed power and status and try to get in to the core of SL Porndom by kissing the asses of the ones who made name making really good stuff and kicking down the people who try to make a name by producing excellent movies.

I don't blame anyone for making it this way. The more populair something gets the bigger the chance it attracts some bad apples. For me personally it's not worth the energy to make notes who is the real deal, who thinks he/she is the real deal and who is not. 

I'll be always available for SL porn but the person making the movie has to know how to work with graphics and editing, doesn't think it's necessary to RP during a scene (really.. RP during a scene? If you are really making an effort with graphics and your story, a director doesn't have the time to RP) or who I have to fuck to get a part. In return you get someone who is easy going, open minded and will also help you with scripts, alligning and other stuff.

I'm done ranting...
Next blog you'll finally get some porn from me and after that I'll dive in to that many asked question "Why do so many men in sl go bare feet?"

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