Sunday, 23 December 2012

Merry Christmas to all

This busy little bee hasn't been on much.
Thanks for those sticking around and not giving up on me (you know who you are)

Special thanks and holiday love to:
Thorgal McGillivary
Coco Cash 'n Cum
Morgen Nitely
Evangeline Brunswick
Gerard Tendaze
Christian Greyer
Teri Tatham
Heaven n Hell Staff
House of Obey Misses and subs
The Pornstars
My landlady Rosa

Monday, 3 December 2012

A Halloween Tale

It was a late Halloween night, Vam was visiting his best friend's grave sight. It was just a year ago since he died. All of a sudden he heared his name

A demonic woman appeared out of the dark

Vam was freightened. A demon on Halloween night, this just couldn't end well

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Being a FemDom Goddess

"A dominant woman who calls herself a Goddess has more of Her time spent in a more sensual state unlike a Mistress who will spent most of Her time inflicting pain and humiliation upon Her prey. This doesn't mean pain and humiliation are not part of Her way of life." 

I'm a SL Goddess. A Femdom Goddess.
It's my believe and that of many man and woman that the female gender is superior to the male gender.
Like the quote on top of this page I spent most of my time in sensual state, although pain and humiliation are not unknown to me and to those who will serve me.

I'm very picky when subs are concerned. If it's my believe you are not in to Femdom for the right reasons or just an attention whore I will not even consider you. You might not agree with my decision but frankly I don't give a crap.In my world I'm the one that is always right.

SL Limits:
- no age/child play
- no death
- for sexual relationships human avatars only

You will find more info in my profile picks

My Temple is located:

Monday, 27 August 2012

Being a SL Pornstar

I got started with SL Porn being bored and answering a casting call in SL search with my dear friend and now well known SL Porn producer and star Thorgal McGillivary and for a while I was very active doing porn machinima and photography.

Nowadays my main focus is no longer SL porn altho I still do some acting work for friends and people who know me. I am still involved in nude, erotic and pornographic photography

If you are interested working with me, send me a notecard in world. I will not join casting or exclusive groups to get some work. If you look at what I have done previously that should be enough for you to decide if you want to work with me or not.

My pictures are posted in my blog and on my Flickr page:

The landscaper (model & photographer)

All by Myself (model & photographer)

Fucked by Jamezz (model & photographer)

Devirginizing a TGirl (model & photographer)

Old Friends (model & photographer)

Meeting Quinn Ying (model & photographer)

Love Lust & Sin (model & photographer)

A list of all the movies I either starred in or produced:

Teken Me (leading actress)

I'm Loving It (leading actress)

The Porn Cable Guy (leading actress and producer)

Portfolioshoot (leading actress)

Video Message (leading actress and producer)

Dick Tasty (Nothing in Second Life is free) (leading actress)

AleXo "Fuck this girl while she is wet" (leading actress)

AleXo - Casting №6 - Aurelia Lionheart (leading actress)

3 Girls 1 Guy (actress)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The landscaper

He invited Her to show Her what he had done with his land.
It was hot and the garden looked so romantic, soon they found themselves naked at the waterfront to cool down and relax. But instead of cooling down it just got hotter





View full size pictures and other pictures at

Thursday, 12 July 2012


Model: My BFF Zoeey
Panties: :STICKY FINGERS: My naughty neon panties (black)
Dress: Rosie dress
Shoes: Inez Heels
Hair: "LoQ Hair" Ouzo - Jet Black
Jewelry: aPix Cockelope Necklace
                Damant nose ring
Nails: R.icielli - French nails
Implants: Universal Implants v0.95
Skin: al vulo!- chen* blackpearl choco

Bodysuit: !Doux Contour [Vintage One Piece]
Skirt tail: -Phoenix Rising- Intentions
Hair: *SW* - [Cri-Cri]
Necklace: (It's Darling Many Loves Gift)
Boots: P10 Aphrodite Ultra Black Leather & Lace  Boots v2

Taken at Lost Eden

Friday, 15 June 2012

Teken Me

Finally! A new SL Porn Machinima starting me!

Monday, 4 June 2012


Corset & Pants: VERO MODERO / June Girl 
Boots: *COCO*_SuedeBoots Brown (Mesh)
Hair: ::Exile:: Crystal:Midnight
Necklace: Dragon Heart Necklace
Skin: -Glam Affair- Eva- Light - Red Line

Hidding behind the Avatar

Maybe it's the weather or something else in the air that has a lot of people acting out on SL.
I see a lot of grown ups with the emotional integraty of a zombie.
It's all about the: "he/she started first.." "he/she talked behind my back..."

Drama... it's only drama if you feed it.
When someone starts talking bad about you it's not drama yet.
When you feel so insecure you go straight in the defence and start throwing back with mud.. that's drama.

I guess it all has to do with insecurity.
I agree it's not nice if someone is saying bad things about you.
But because this person is saying so.. should you make a fool of yourself by getting ready for war?
People tend to believe what they like to believe... so if someone is telling others you're the worlds greatest morron and people acknowledge this, they probably already thought you weren't so great to begin with. And by acting out and bark those people you'll probably only confirm what they already believed.

People tend to take SL way to seriously.
Hidding behind their avatars make insecure people feel like a god and acting like idiots. Hiding safely behind a remote controled puppet. Doing all the things they can not do in RL.
Real life isnt important anymore, cause there they are the person they don't want to be.
Any person that in their mind comes near to exposing their rl flaws or try to put their populairity to the test becomes a threat. 

The worse thing is that I see that most of these people and the imaginary war they are with someone, rather have others fight for them. People who are even more insecure and want to pull them selves up a higher level by being around someone who they think have the power (but actually just have the biggest mouth and biggest fantasy). I pity people like this. Wanting to be so populair they are actually willing to fight someone elses battle. When really there shouldn't be a battle at all

Yes SL keeps amazing me.
And also worries me.. so many people with so many serious psychological flaws trying to be gods in SL.
Well maybe it's a good thing they are here in SL acting this ridiculous way and not in RL.

I don't fool myself by thinking I'm reaching one of these people with this blogs. They live in a world where everyone is at fault except themselves. They never do anything wrong.
I just want to say that people who recognize someone else in this: Don't get dragged in to the drama.
Ignore them, mute them, laugh at them and enjoy your SL life. If you do so they probably will try and kick you down again, because you don't acknowledge them as your sl god ...but if you fall, it's you who is letting them do this to you.

Welcome to SL...
You'll find more mature people at a kindergarten.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

If you work for him, you're a slut...

Here's my concern.
The past few weeks I have spoken to several girls in the SL Porn scene who feel they are being manipulated who to work with and with who not.
It seems that some of the machinama makers can't stand each other for what ever reason (I do not care about those reasons, I don't wanna know about those reasons). What does upset me is that some of those guys  have a very mean and cruel way to push their fellow filmer out of the spotlight and that is by using other people.

Some examples:
"You can not work with so and so.. if you do you are just one of his sluts"
"If you continue working with so and so, no one will ever take you serious again and everyone will think you are a whore"
"You shouldn't work or even talk to so and so, it will be bad for your pornstar carreer"

Seriously.. where are we? In kindergarten? Grow up people!
There is this very nifty device in SL and that's MUTE. If you can't stand a person use that or just ignore them. Don't go bother other people with your problem and hell no.. don't try and make other feels bad because they do like that person.

And for the girls that came to me the past few weeks.
If someone tells you you are a slut for being friends with someone you like. Get the hell away from them cause you are dealing with a very immature, manipulative bastard! That's the person you shouldn't be working with!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Monday, 30 April 2012


Outfit: Blacklace Sienna
Shoes: BAX Booties
Jewelry: AlienbearXAgnes Necklace 
Hair: ChiChickie! Zoey - Gift Colors (ColorTouch)
Skin: -Glam Affair- Eva- Light - Red Line
Shape: Purrshapes

Sunday, 15 April 2012

My Room Mate

My crazy room mate, bless her little shemale heart

Zoeey: "I'm seeing you 3D upsidedown... you look so much better this way"

Zoeey, "I should have bought these 3d glasses a long time ago. They make my bewbs look so much bigger when I look down"
Zoeey, "Are you kiddin' me? Have you seen that cat down there? Dunno what it's doing but it's totally freaking me out. Now take the darn picture so I can get the hell out of*f*g It's coming for me"

Sunday, 1 April 2012


As of lately I've been focussing on a lot of mainstream SL photography. It doesn't give me as much as exposure as adult / porn photography but it's a lot more relaxed. You can go anywhere on the grid and shoot some nice pics. Like here at Erd Beeren


My Flickr 

Friday, 30 March 2012

My SL Sister

There are just a few people on SL who always have my support no matter what. That's because they are genuine and honest people. One of them is Penelope Doomdale. No matter how crazy she gets (good and bad) , I'm there for her and will never judge her motives and/or actions.

Penny, love you heaps

Sunday, 18 March 2012


Outfit & Scarf: Shiki
Hair: Exile - Polly Auburn
Skin: Glam Affair - Eva Winter

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Skin: -Glam Affir - Eva skin Winter 
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Mai"
Outfit: Mimikri - Alexa coffee
Shoes: Baby Monkey - Midi Hi Platform nude

The Shoe Thing

One of my SL pet peeves is men and SL fashion.
Once I wrote about there are too many guys on SL walking round without a shirt. That blog gave me some very diverse responses. From girls agreeing with me or telling me it was so sexy seeing guys´ nipples all the time. Also from guys, also agreeing with me but I got a lot of reasons why they choose not to wear shirt. Most given reasons were:
1. I like walking round shirtless, cause in RL I can't
2. It's hard to find good quality shirts in SL
That last "excuse" is BS... lots of great stores in SL selling nice shirts. Saying you can't find good once is just saying "I'm a cheap bastard with no intention of investing money for clothes for my avatar"  Ask them if they are genetically correct and most of them will tell you they have the best "equiptment "  that lindens can buy.
So they wanna invest in a dick.. just not in making the rest of their avatar look attractive.

Same thing is the shoe thing.
So many guys on SL choose to walk around without any. " There are no good shoe stores for guys in SL"
And again that's BS. There are good shoe stores in SL and I alsways gladly send them a few Landmarks. Then the next excuse is "Yeah but that store is expensive" Well what do you think you pay for a pair of Moody's, Slink's, N-core's or Purrfect 10's? Sure women can score a couple of cheap shoes all over SL. Still the better looking ones are expensive too.

So invest a 1200L on 2 pair of shoes or buy a prim cock first?
Seriously, do you think I would fuck a dude that goes around SL with those hideous avatar feet?
I look at the avatar first before peeking in your pants.

Some names of stores, showing you guys' shoes in SL can be affordable:

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Warning: Phising Residents use SL groups and fake Marketplace site

If you see a resident posting a link to a Marketplace item in any group you are member off, or you get a message from a friend asking you to check something out on marketplace: DO NOT CLICK IT
It's a fake marketplace site and after you log in with your name and password, your account will be taken over, your lindens transferred to other users. If this message gets to you too late, change your password asap and notify LL.

This is a serious problem going round SL for the past 3 days.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Bye bye SL Porn

"Aurelia has left the building"
Yes I left the SL Porn scene. Yesterday I removed myself from all the groups conntected to SL Porn.
The reason? Well read back in my blog.

I decided to put my energy in things that matter. ME
I just got to that point again where I was dreading to log in to SL. Trying to avoid the drama of other people is something like hurldes.

I'm still available for shoots, but people will have to find me out of the groups and every now and then I'll spam you with some dirty pictures.

Next blog is about the shoe(less) thing, promise