Sunday, 18 December 2011

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

I'm up for Auction

The Wiggle Room is hosting a date auction this Friday at 2 pm slt.
For the the dancers who can not be there or people who want to make a bid but can't be there that day/time, we've put up auction boards.

Prize: a one hour date with the dancer you placed a bid on.
The date itself is exactly that - intimate activity is by consent only (or further negotiation)
As a potential winner, you aren't paying for sex with your date but for the pleasure of their company.
More than that is between you as mature adults.

So come to the Wiggle Room, the boards are next to the stage and BID!

Sunday, 4 December 2011


I'm kinda fed up with it: Dramakings

In the 3 years I'm in Second Life I've met more guys making drama than girls.
Yes girls are nasty when they get their drama started, but the dramakings on SL have a certain way about them which makes me want them kicked off SL for good.

Here's just some of the things that make me wish these guys would leave SL forever:

1. The I Need a Lot of Attention and If I Don't Get It I'll Make You Feel Guilty Dramaking:
The guy sneaks in your IM and expects you give him all of your attention, if you can't you'll get messages like "I could just better delete my account cause no one on my friendlist has ever time for me" "Maybe I should quit SL, because I feel as lonely here as in RL" "See, I'm worth nothing" Often they also want sex from you because that will make them feel better "I haven't been loved in SL for months now"

2. The I Got Caught in a Lie and Now I'll Play The Victim Dramaking:
Liars. You catch them on  lie and all of a sudden it's someone elses fault or in some cases they'll even try and put the blame on you. Again they like to threaten with leaving SL for good. But either they don't, come back within 3 weeks or just start a new account. And start their lies all over again.
They also never cheat... no.. the girls who bother them and accuse them for cheating are the girls who make the drama and are the liars. Usually they'll pick out a woman who is so wrapped up in herself and thinks she's so awesome her guy doesn't have a reason to fuck around. And if you confront this lady about her man you'll get the same bullshit.

3. The I Want All The Attention, Even If I Have To Abuse Other People's Trust Dramaking:
Guys who can't stand other guys to have all the attention and tell lies about that other guy, tell people not to get involved with him. Usually they accuse the other guy doing things they do themselves. When confronted with their drama, lies and gossip. They'll either lie to your face or tell you they just passed on what they hear from others.

I met a couple of these kings.
They are off my friendlist and will never be readded. I've given them all a second change but with all I got indirectly (thank god not directly) involved with their crap again.
These kind of people are the real vampires on SL. Sucking out every last bit of energy out of the people they meet. They lie, blame others, are narcisists.

I'm sure you know one or two dramakings on SL too.