Saturday, 5 November 2011

Hey man, keep your shirt on!

I'm thinking of starting a movement within SL to get guys to wear shirts and not walk around "topless" all the time. I'm really starting to get annoyed when being in a club, at least 60% of the male guests aren't wearing shirts. Like do they walk around shirtless in RL all the time too.
It's not the occasional shirtless day, most of the guys I meet are never ever wearing a shirt.
Not to mention the ones that think that wearing a pair of noob pants and bare feet will not be notices because of their strong muscular body *coughs*
BTW I'm not talking about newbie folks here, not everyone can afford non noob paints and shoes.

Really guys.... we ladies don't like shirtless guys that much.
Personally I feel that a well and fully dressed avi is much more appealing to women

I also think we women are discrimated.
Also during shopping sprees at PG / M / Adult sims I encounter a lot of guys who walk around topless in stores. Maybe their shirt got stolen from the washing line and they are looking for a new one.. who knows
But as a woman, taking a stroll or shop on SL topless, you'll probably end up with an ejection of sim ban.
I had the unfortunate experience that I was kicked off a sim recently for shopping Topless! I swear my innocence in this matter because on my screen I really was wearing a top and also a check in my inventory confirmed I really had something on, but the owner was resentless and kicked me off.
Anyways: guys! please keep your shirt on.

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