Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Classy & Sexy: The Wiggle Room

So this new club has opened in Second Life: The Wiggle Room, burlesque & social club.
You might think, so what's the big deal? Another stripper place?

Well not really. First The Wiggle Room doesn't have strippers, it has striptease dancers. No girls in slutty outfits or weird clothing combos. All girls dress in the best clothing (lingerie or burlesque clothing) and belong to the prettiest avatars in SL. No, porno emoting, groping or maturbating, but with classy, sensual and teasing emotes the girls belong to the best emoters out there. The club has a lush feel compared to most dance / stripclubs in sl. The texturing is rich, the furniture inviting.

Yes! But the stage works like magic. The girls can rezz an pole, a stool, even a lapdance chair. If they get bored with those they can just leave them off the stage.

Why is it called "Burlesque & Social Club"
Because people who seek different things than strippers can have a good time at The Wiggle Room too.
There is a beach, a sundeck, couples can use the hybrid dance ball and dance on the beach or inside the club.

Yes, but not the boring "Best in Whatever" The Wiggle Room tries to provide as much live entertainment as possible. DJ's playing requests, live performers, trivia and on Saturday's we even have an Erotic Poetry group who read their poetry on voice.

This club is really worth the visit!

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