Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Classy & Sexy: The Wiggle Room

So this new club has opened in Second Life: The Wiggle Room, burlesque & social club.
You might think, so what's the big deal? Another stripper place?

Well not really. First The Wiggle Room doesn't have strippers, it has striptease dancers. No girls in slutty outfits or weird clothing combos. All girls dress in the best clothing (lingerie or burlesque clothing) and belong to the prettiest avatars in SL. No, porno emoting, groping or maturbating, but with classy, sensual and teasing emotes the girls belong to the best emoters out there. The club has a lush feel compared to most dance / stripclubs in sl. The texturing is rich, the furniture inviting.

Yes! But the stage works like magic. The girls can rezz an pole, a stool, even a lapdance chair. If they get bored with those they can just leave them off the stage.

Why is it called "Burlesque & Social Club"
Because people who seek different things than strippers can have a good time at The Wiggle Room too.
There is a beach, a sundeck, couples can use the hybrid dance ball and dance on the beach or inside the club.

Yes, but not the boring "Best in Whatever" The Wiggle Room tries to provide as much live entertainment as possible. DJ's playing requests, live performers, trivia and on Saturday's we even have an Erotic Poetry group who read their poetry on voice.

This club is really worth the visit!

Friday, 18 November 2011


For some blogs this might be a more appropraite warning

Thursday, 17 November 2011

A new burlesque club has come to SL

A new Burlesque & Social Club has come to SL.
The Wiggle Room offers the highest form of SL entertainment:
* We have the most sophisticated Striptease Dancers
* Offer live entertaiment in the form of DJs and SL artists
* Sponsored Events & Contests
* Dancefloor
* Mall
* A beach to relax and socialize

Friday Nov 18th at 12pm slt 
we kick off this Burlesque adventure with our best Striptease Dancers and the smooth sounds of DJ Thorgal McGillivary
Hope to see you there!
The Wiggle Room Staff

ps we are still hiring dancers and have affordable shops at our mall available

Saturday, 12 November 2011

A Doggy Domme

I don't like posting chat logs on my blog and in this case it's not even mine.
A friend sent it to me, asking me (as I'm a Domme / Mistress / Goddess) if she had been at fault.
I read it and had a laugh! Seriously, again my thoughts about people in SL bdsm relationships have no idea what respect is and it's mostly an ego and sexual thing has been confirmed.

[04:15] Friend: Miss, my I comment on something?
[04:15] Miss: Sure, what is it?
[04:16] Friend: your groups, the dog thing groups. it kinda makes me feel sick Miss, and as we are still in our trail period I'm thinking that someone who is in that kind of thing isn't my type of Mistress
[04:17] Miss: I am just exploring.
[04:17] Friend: it's exploring a boundry too far for me Miss
[04:18] Miss: It is not something I am going to push onto you.
[04:18] Miss: If you don't like it, thats fine. I wont bring it up with you.
[04:19] Friend: well to be honest, it's also a boundry too far for the person I would like to be submit to. If you are in to animal sex Miss, you are not the person for me  sorry.
[04:19] Friend: the whole idea just makes me gag
[04:20] Miss: Thats ok.
[04:20] Miss: Im not saying I am into it, but it is something I am looking at to get a better opinion in how I feel.
[04:20] Miss: I wont force any of it on you.
[04:21] Friend: I don't you understand me Miss, if you are in to animal sex I don't want to be your sub
[04:21] Miss: I am not into it.
[04:21] Friend: Sorry, Miss you told me you are exploring it
[04:22] Miss: Looking at it, but not trying it.
[04:22] Miss: I am seeing what people are doing, to get my own opinion
[04:24] Friend: Anyways Miss, I now have the feeling I'm not the girl for you and you are not the Mistress for me,sorry, I hope you will find someone else who can completely submit to you, but I guess it's not me. Take Care Miss
[04:24] Miss: Okay if thats what you want, but I think you have the wrong idea of what is going on and making a poor assumption of who I am. I feel a little insulted by this.
[04:26] Friend: I just follow my feeling Miss, if it's not good it's not good, maybe I'm wrong maybe I'm not but I can't submit if it doesn't feel good to me. Besides wasn't the purpose of this whole trail to get to know each other Miss and see if there is a click?
[04:27] Miss: Yes, and this would be the second time we've been together. I just started looking at these groups tonight, so it is not like its been months or weeks.
[04:27] Miss: and for you to tell me that you don't want to be with me, because of something I was looking at for one night seems rude.
[04:29] Friend: it's not rude Miss, everything inside me says sex with animals is BAD. So if someone is just looking in to it, it means there is an interest in something that goes beyond what I think is right. I could say, that for you not to accept the fact that things like that disgust me even when someone is just looking in to it, is kinda unrespectful towards me
[04:30] Friend: I've been in to BDSM for a long time Miss
[04:30] FRiend: RL that is
[04:30] Friend: and it's all about respect
[04:30] Miss: I didn't say I was interested in it.
[04:31] Miss: I had a discussion about it with a friend, and realized I knew nothing. So I looked into it to get an opinion.
[04:31] Miss: I never said I wanted to have sex with animals, and for you not to understand that was rude to me.
[04:32] Friend: Miss you are right, I'm rude.. really rude .. you don't want a rude sub
[04:32] Miss: I never said that
[04:33] Miss: but you did not give me a proper chance to explain what I was doing, then you jumped right to the assumption I wanted to have sex with animals and based an opinion on facts that were wrong
[04:33] Friend: well Miss you seem to asume things too, as I said that there must be an interest for dog sex on your side
[04:33] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later. 

(Later this person set her doggy cum sex goups on hidden) LMAO

This comes over to me that this Domme has major issues with rejection and respecting other people's feelings. See how she squirms from first admitting she is exploring dog sex to later come up with excuses she is not. Calling my friend RUDE, for assuming things but cleary not respecting her feelings about things like having sex with dogs. Seeing what people are doing with dogs, SL or RL tells me that a person doing that isn't apalled by it, like my friend is and that there must be a sexual curiosity for it, even if one decides to get involved with sick things like that or not.

So dear friend, you are so right rejecting this Domme if dog sex makes you sick to the stomach.
And yes, in my opinion you are right when you told me you had the feeling she was trying to blame you for her own sick mind and tried her best to squirm out the conversation.

Find yourself a real Domme / Dom!

Why would a person be in 3!!! dog sex groups if she is just reading up on things? You do not need to join a group for that, the internet is full of disgusting things like animal sex.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Hey man, keep your shirt on!

I'm thinking of starting a movement within SL to get guys to wear shirts and not walk around "topless" all the time. I'm really starting to get annoyed when being in a club, at least 60% of the male guests aren't wearing shirts. Like do they walk around shirtless in RL all the time too.
It's not the occasional shirtless day, most of the guys I meet are never ever wearing a shirt.
Not to mention the ones that think that wearing a pair of noob pants and bare feet will not be notices because of their strong muscular body *coughs*
BTW I'm not talking about newbie folks here, not everyone can afford non noob paints and shoes.

Really guys.... we ladies don't like shirtless guys that much.
Personally I feel that a well and fully dressed avi is much more appealing to women

I also think we women are discrimated.
Also during shopping sprees at PG / M / Adult sims I encounter a lot of guys who walk around topless in stores. Maybe their shirt got stolen from the washing line and they are looking for a new one.. who knows
But as a woman, taking a stroll or shop on SL topless, you'll probably end up with an ejection of sim ban.
I had the unfortunate experience that I was kicked off a sim recently for shopping Topless! I swear my innocence in this matter because on my screen I really was wearing a top and also a check in my inventory confirmed I really had something on, but the owner was resentless and kicked me off.
Anyways: guys! please keep your shirt on.