Sunday, 2 October 2011

Pathetic Rejected Applicants

Being manager at a long running SL stripclub, I see several applicant every week.
We have a good idea what we are looking for and what we do not want. To make it a little easier we made an application form. The first problems start here. You don't have to be well read to understand it, it just simply asks you to answer some questions and it's stated clearly that incomplete application forms will be rejected. So what do I get ha;f the time? Incomplete application forms.

Second problem is that we clearly state that you have to be a rl female and speak/write english fluently (or close to) and who apply? Guys with female avi's or people who do not have a clue what you ask them during the interview procedure.

My biggest problem with rejected applicants is that 99% of them doesn't take NO for an answer and I almost always have to mute (and sometimes ban) them cause they keep bothering me, even threaten me or tell me the club sucks anyways. They should try this at RL applications, I'm sure they don't have the guts for that.

What are they thinking? Our application form is pretty clear and for the guys with female avi's, I don't have a problem with gender crossing on Second Life, but we attract VIPS telling them we have rl women on stage.
And then they tell me I'm a gender racist!

Some people probably suck in RL and need to overcompensate in SL

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