Sunday, 21 August 2011

RL Pornstars

Who's your favorite RL Pornstar?
Emma ( ) features one on her blog every now and then , so I thought I would tell you who my favorite is.

I'm picky... 95% of porn made in this world just doesn't do it for me.
I don't like women looking like they have hot air balloons on their chest or men who have a huge dick but look like the hobo at the train station. The first porn movies I watched back in the 90's had me rolling over laughing rather then getting naughty. I recall my boyfriend at the time, had dragged a matras to the livingroom, lighted candles and had massaging oil and a porno (I think from Wicked) about an archeologist. One scene I'll never forget (because I peed my pants laughing and gone was the romantic evening)  was with some Egyptian shepherds fucking the village whore who had a bush bigger than the hair on her head.
From that day on I decided I'd  pick out the VSH pornos from the videostore.
I started watching movies made by Michael Ninn, but it was a friend who pointed me to the work of Andrew Blake And I feel in love.

His movies are perfect... no stupid storylines, no cheap looking big chested bimbos, no hairy huge cocked hobos but classy decors, the prettiest costumes and jewelry and girls looking like they walked out of a pin up glamour shoot. The first movie I bought was Playthings starring Dahlia Grey

I became an instant Dahlia (who only does girl on girl scene's ) fan

Recently I "sold" my huge Blake VSH collection as I now only own a DVD player.
Lucky dude, who picked them up!

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  1. Interesting and funny post, Thanks. VHS takes me back though! Even DVDs seem to be losing their edge with so much online porn, adn online porn stars. I will have to check out Dahlia though! I was always a Jill Kelly fan but that seem so 1990's now!