Tuesday, 30 August 2011

I have my own shoes

I'm so proud.
Pixie named shoes after me.
The shoes is from the new Baby Monkey fall collection and comes in several nice fall colours
These are the bottle green shoes
Price L$250

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Win a Free 30 min nude lapdance

Heaven n Hell is hosting another FREE Raffle
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Sunday, 21 August 2011

RL Pornstars

Who's your favorite RL Pornstar?
Emma ( http://jennnnnajameson.blogspot.com/ ) features one on her blog every now and then , so I thought I would tell you who my favorite is.

I'm picky... 95% of porn made in this world just doesn't do it for me.
I don't like women looking like they have hot air balloons on their chest or men who have a huge dick but look like the hobo at the train station. The first porn movies I watched back in the 90's had me rolling over laughing rather then getting naughty. I recall my boyfriend at the time, had dragged a matras to the livingroom, lighted candles and had massaging oil and a porno (I think from Wicked) about an archeologist. One scene I'll never forget (because I peed my pants laughing and gone was the romantic evening)  was with some Egyptian shepherds fucking the village whore who had a bush bigger than the hair on her head.
From that day on I decided I'd  pick out the VSH pornos from the videostore.
I started watching movies made by Michael Ninn, but it was a friend who pointed me to the work of Andrew Blake And I feel in love.

His movies are perfect... no stupid storylines, no cheap looking big chested bimbos, no hairy huge cocked hobos but classy decors, the prettiest costumes and jewelry and girls looking like they walked out of a pin up glamour shoot. The first movie I bought was Playthings starring Dahlia Grey

I became an instant Dahlia (who only does girl on girl scene's ) fan

Recently I "sold" my huge Blake VSH collection as I now only own a DVD player.
Lucky dude, who picked them up!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Casting tag for Pornstars in my personal group

I've added a tag in my personal group I.M. Yours for people interested being in my photoshoot.
If you are interested you can request such a tag by sending me a notecard with your bio, experience and photographs

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Friday, 12 August 2011

Win a free Blowjob or Cunnilingus

Heaven n Hell is hosting another FREE Raffle
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ArchAngel/128/217/24 (near the Greedy table)

This time I'm the prize and I'm giving away a free Blowjob or Cunnilingus

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Friday, 5 August 2011

The Scary World of Second Life D/s

Second Life can be a scary place if you are a Dom(me)/Master/Mistress/Goddess or a submissive/slave.
Just the other day my submissive SL sister told me her "Master" got emotional manipulative on her because she missed one of his Tweets. He did not leave her any room at all to explain that she can't always log in to Twitter or has time to answer things when she is not on Second Life... no he pulled one of those "Oh I'm so hurt.. you ruined my day" acts. We all know how I feel about that http://lionheartspurr.blogspot.com/2011/03/next-person-who.html

So I told her she should tell him to piss off and that a real Master doesn't cry like a sissy in IM because his Tweet was left unanswered and that he wasn't worth explaining why she had missed it. But of course she did not follow my advise and gave him her apologies...
But it makes you wonder, doesn't it... How an insecure person must be sitting at the other and an pretending he is a Dom?

One of my subs called me a "Princess" the other day... not a Dom or a Mistress.. I was acting like a "Princess".. maybe he is right.. I don't consider myself a Dom or Mistress but a Goddess... and the name "Princess" doesn't bother me at all. I'm pretty much the person on SL as I am in RL.. I like to be spoiled, have my way, like to be served, am very good in manipulating people to get what I want, am always right and find most people I meet idiots or brain dead.

I get about 10 IMs a day, of people interested being my sub/slave.
Most have read my profile but probably weren't able to understand the line "I'm not taking in new subs unless it's a paid session" and most of them are pretty persistent in having their way.
They will tell me that they worship all Women and are totally submissive to them.. that they will give me complete control... that Women are superior to men, that they will always do as I tell them and never doubt my decisions, remark, comment or what so over.

But those same people tell me that all Women are sluts and that they would like to hurt or even kill me or hurt/kill themselves if I turn them down. And as I don't take in any more.. I turn down a lot...
They also always want to have an explanation, why I don't want them. Just a simple no or not interested isn't good enough... Hey who is the D/M/Goddess here?... I should not have to explain myself if you really claim to do and except everything a Women says. I also have a couple of them muted simply because they will not except that I don't want them. Also makes you wonder who is sitting at the other end and why, doesn't it.

I still believe most aren't in the D/s scene because of the D/s but for the sex.
They will getting freaky in your IM when you reject them and they almost all wanna show you pics of their RL cocks "Uhm sorry what has your RL cock to do with D/s unless you want to add a little RL D/s to the SL session but then still I'm not interested in seeing your dirty fat ugly cock"

I'm thinking about making a black list.
But then again, what's the use?
I've seen people being a Domme on their main account and a sub on their Alt.
If they are on a black list they will just simply make a new account as start bothering other people again.

Enough ranting..
Need to be packing...
Time for vacation

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Picture of the Day @ Second Life Facebook

Yesterday my picture with Taylor was Picture of the Day on Facebook's Second Life page

Here's the original picture

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Totally In Love

I told myself a thousand times: "Don't.. Don't you do it girlfriend! A love like that will ruin your Linden Bank Account" But then I did it and and actually doubled my budget. Because I fell in love... in love with her ody eyes.

I sold a lot of Petable Eggs this week on Marketplace so I guess it wasn't a bad thing to spoil myself with a new love. There was one catch though, I had to drug her... so I don't have to provide her with stuff.

I'm sure by now you know I'm not talking about a new human girlfriend.
And no... I did not become another Meeroo victim.
I bought a KittyCats cat. A Black Russian with Odessy Sorbet Eyes

Princess Taylor

I got Taylor from Twitter friend Ami