Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Fuck Bunny

Linden has come up with new initual avatars.
So you do not have to walk around looking like Ruth in her polkadot dress (that was my starter avi) or Newbie the male Noob with his striped shirt. Now you can look like an animal, a robot or even a car. Offcourse I needed to check it out. And because they are the most sexual of all I choose the bunny.
It was kinda cute but needed to get a Porn Star make over.
You can see the result on the left.

I IMed a friend asking if he ever fucked a bunny. He thought I would show up in a Playboy Bunny outfit.It's a good thing he is always in for a laugh and we even tested out my new BDSM hud with me wearing this "costume"

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