Monday, 25 July 2011

Devirginizing a Tgirl

I recently had some fun devirginizing a lovely Tgirl
Of course I had to take some pictures

First time she enters a wet tight pussy
"Push it in slowly hun... very slow .. mmmm yeah.. feel me suck you right in?"
"You have to push it in even more slowly when fucking a super tight ass... yes you are doing great baby..
.. Aaaaah fuck yes .... "

"Don't you dare cream my pussy yet, my little slutmuffin..
I wanna ride you and drench that cock in my juice.."
"Rub my clit pussycat.. rub it hard... make me come baby...oohhhh"

"You are doing great slut muffin, hold back that fountain of thick cum a little longer"

*screams fill the room*

Curling my wet lips round her cock she can't hold it back anymore and fill my mouth with her thick cream

Cleaning up the mess, this little slutmuffin has made of herself


  1. Hot set Aurelia. Cool and sexy, nice story and gorgeous ladies, yummy :P

  2. That was so HOT! :)

  3. Nice set. Not sure why but Blogger won't let me "Follow" you. Is there something up with the settings?

  4. Try logging out and logging back in without the box marked to stay logged in. Blogger has been acting kind of weird the last 2 or 3 months