Thursday, 16 June 2011

To Machinima or not Machinima

I'm glad so many people are being honest about what they think of the recent spamming of cheap, low graphic machinimas. It's not that hard making a good machinima, but it takes time and knowing your editing software. I'm not perfect making at making machinima and I consider myself at the bottom of the list, but I can make a short movie without making it look like the camera has Parkinson's Disease.

I guess for some people getting 3 to 5 movies a week uploaded is more important than investing time in one movie. I also think it lacks total professionality when you upload a movie with the link to the Fraps download still in the window.

I got commented on being honest about making bad machinima.
Someone told me I had to right of speaking, only making 1 or 2 short movies myself.
Well... you should read my posts better darlin'!
I'm not making any more movies because making a good quality film takes a lot of time and gets me real frustrated. I want to do it perfect or not at all

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