Monday, 4 April 2011


Hi there,

Are you an attention whore, are you lonely, a sex addict or need your ego to be boosted? I.M. YOURS provides in that. For a set amount of time I will be yours in IM.

I'll tell you you are the best and most sexy person in the world, fuck you brains out in IM or I'll tell you you are no good, ugly, plain crap ... if that's what you would like to hear.
I'll even send you notecards when you are not online.
I may ask you to come over and play with me or let me play with you.
Make compremising pictures and place them on my blog.
Or dedicate a whole blog post telling and showing everyone how fabulous you are.
I'll be your best friend or worse friend, you decide.

For TOS and rates IM me inworld or when I'm not online send me a notecard!

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