Sunday, 17 April 2011

The new me

Some people stick to a skin and shape for ages.
Me, I'm a skin whore and change my skin almost on a daily basis. My shape I have had for a very long time.
During me noob period I had a freebie shape (offcourse) and once later changed that to a shape from Noon, a tall, sexy woman with a skin from Redgrave, reminded me of Karen from Will & Grace.
After that I had an Elf / Neko period and got a shape from kOwP (way too skinny), quickly replaced by a curvy shape I got from a hunt at ~MS ~ . I had that one for over a year. Loved it! But then I saw this awesome shape at a store and it was like 1000L. 1000L for a shape? Never! So I tried it myself. I'm very pleased with my creation and it did not cost me a thing!

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