Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Things that make me laugh on sl

"Hello could you please move back a little you are invading my space"

"Omg.. and then I found out I fucked a guy, he looked like a woman and his penis wasn't rezzed. After we were done it rezzed...."

Someone send me an IM yesterday because they thought it was rude I wasn't hosting the event that was on the calendar, so I copy pasted the grid status from yesterday

[POSTED 1:06 PM PDT Mar 21 2011] We are aware that a portion of our residents are currently experiencing problems logging in and with inworld services as well as having difficulty logging onto the Second Life website. We are currently working to resolve this as swiftly as possible. In the mean time, please avoid making important transactions or rezzing no-copy objects.

So DUH ....

A week earlier someone else send me an IM that I was rude not being at my own event while I was inworld.
At that moment I was afk taking care of my crying baby. I answered that maybe he did not have a rl but I have. And if he thinks being afk taking care of my baby was rude, he would really love this ...  I banned him from the club's land.

"I need a bed to lay my avi to sleep so I can log off"

"When I sing and I don't have a microphone or speakers can you still hear me?"

At a freelance stripclub "Could you get off that pole, that spot is mine"

"So he keeps sending me IM's I think I'm going to report him to Linden" O.O haven't you heard of MUTE?

"I got 3 penisses now"

You can't blame them for trying but it is funny. This guy only knows my avi, never has seen my rl pic but he is really sure "You are the sexiest woman I've ever been with .. I wanna hook up in RL"

"Me a woman in rl. Me shows you a rl picture okay?"
"So how will this prove you are a rl woman hun?"
"it's me rl and now you pay me to fuck okay?"
"But me is a rl woman too hun"
"Yes rl woman is me, now we fuck okay?"
"Are you a lesbian"
"Then maybe you need to find a man, cuz I'm a woman rl and sl"
"Yes me is a rl woman, I like to fuck you.."

"You had sex with my boyfriend"
"Sorry I did not know he was your boyfriend"
"You are a bitch!"
"No I'm an escort and he paid me"

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  1. I had two funny things happen to me while I was escorting with Vampires. First off, I hate them. So this one guy I take to a room to have a lap dance. He fills me in he is a Vampire prince and this queen sent him to recruit me. Blah Blah Blah, He ends up paying for and want a BJ gives me the money. Well, his penis wouldn't rez. He went from being super cocky to super depressed. After waiting like 10 minutes I told him I'm out walked with the money.

    Second guy teleported me to his place. He had a blood tank which was about empty. He thought he could get a freebie. I looked at his tank and laughed, said.. pay up or die. He was the lamest vampire I had ever seen. R.I.P. count.