Thursday, 10 March 2011

Cat got your tongue?

I've been working as a stripper on sl for 2 years now. Started on the day that I've rezzed.
I started working at a freelance club and I remember it as being very social. You were greeted by everyone that came in. Okay ... sometimes it was the not so creative "I wanna have sex but have no lindens" but everyone that came in greeted you. I moved on to working for exclusive clubs, Ultra Lounge and later Honey and the vips always greeted you. In between jobs I visited Escort Oasis and besides from the direct IM's with escorts offering themselves there was a lot of chatting going on in local.

Lately I've noticed a change.
In Escort Oasis where I flash my HnH tag there is barely to no chat in local anymore.
But also at my work place things seem to have changed.
Not the working girls, they still greet everyone that comes in but a big majority of our visitors doesn't bother to respond. They stand for minutes in the club ignoring our welcome and questions before poofing out.
What's up with that? Is it too much to say hi? Even when you are not interested in chit chat or ended up at the wrong place accidentally?

Same goes for my own club.
People walking in are always greeted but 70% doesn't even bother to say hi back.

I always greet people or answer their questions when I'm on other peoples Sims or locations.
That's the way I was brought up in RL so why should I do any different on SL?

At Heaven N Hell the girls work hard.
We (tenderly) swat their asses when to "forget" to greet people or lack in their emotes.
But sometimes I wish I was allowed to swat some guest ass too.

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  1. HArd to say why good manners are being forgotten so easily, but those 30% that answer back deserve all the attention :) An active and healthy local chat is what distinguish a good, living club from one striving to survive, I agree!
    Hugs and Kisses xoxoxox