Monday, 28 March 2011

New Pussy

So I bought the new X4 Jasmine.
Got it all set up.
Colouring isn't that bad if you are used to it.
Hud is very complex tho.
But I matched it nicely to the skin I'm wearing at the moment.

So I was really glad when someone tipped me naked.
I pressed the button on my hud so it would no longer hide my precious parts and what do you think happend next?


I couldn't even detach it an re attach it.
But that's not really Xcite!'s fault.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Asian Screen

Things that make me laugh on sl

"Hello could you please move back a little you are invading my space"

"Omg.. and then I found out I fucked a guy, he looked like a woman and his penis wasn't rezzed. After we were done it rezzed...."

Someone send me an IM yesterday because they thought it was rude I wasn't hosting the event that was on the calendar, so I copy pasted the grid status from yesterday

[POSTED 1:06 PM PDT Mar 21 2011] We are aware that a portion of our residents are currently experiencing problems logging in and with inworld services as well as having difficulty logging onto the Second Life website. We are currently working to resolve this as swiftly as possible. In the mean time, please avoid making important transactions or rezzing no-copy objects.

So DUH ....

A week earlier someone else send me an IM that I was rude not being at my own event while I was inworld.
At that moment I was afk taking care of my crying baby. I answered that maybe he did not have a rl but I have. And if he thinks being afk taking care of my baby was rude, he would really love this ...  I banned him from the club's land.

"I need a bed to lay my avi to sleep so I can log off"

"When I sing and I don't have a microphone or speakers can you still hear me?"

At a freelance stripclub "Could you get off that pole, that spot is mine"

"So he keeps sending me IM's I think I'm going to report him to Linden" O.O haven't you heard of MUTE?

"I got 3 penisses now"

You can't blame them for trying but it is funny. This guy only knows my avi, never has seen my rl pic but he is really sure "You are the sexiest woman I've ever been with .. I wanna hook up in RL"

"Me a woman in rl. Me shows you a rl picture okay?"
"So how will this prove you are a rl woman hun?"
"it's me rl and now you pay me to fuck okay?"
"But me is a rl woman too hun"
"Yes rl woman is me, now we fuck okay?"
"Are you a lesbian"
"Then maybe you need to find a man, cuz I'm a woman rl and sl"
"Yes me is a rl woman, I like to fuck you.."

"You had sex with my boyfriend"
"Sorry I did not know he was your boyfriend"
"You are a bitch!"
"No I'm an escort and he paid me"

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Just a little update

Sometimes live gets so busy and when you also have a second life there aren't just enough hours in a day.
I'm so busy lately that I have neglected some of my best SL friends, The Noob and also my work as a SL pornstar / producer.

Most of my days on SL is spent on stage, dancing and fullfiling my tasks as a manager.
Or editing pictures I made for my little photography studio.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

How a cat got Thor suspended

The Vagina Song

The next person who...

... is going all emotional manipulative in my IM telling me how cruel SL is and how they think they are going to delete everyone from their friends list or even cancel their account to get some attention:

Save the hassle IM ing me with that BS and go delete me from your freakin' friends list

I'm happy to be a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear.
But without all the drama please.

And beside if your Second Life is one big drama pit maybe you need to take a look in the mirror and wonder how you got there! There is also one very nice feature in SL that gets rid of all the drama queens around you. It's called MUTE

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Cat got your tongue?

I've been working as a stripper on sl for 2 years now. Started on the day that I've rezzed.
I started working at a freelance club and I remember it as being very social. You were greeted by everyone that came in. Okay ... sometimes it was the not so creative "I wanna have sex but have no lindens" but everyone that came in greeted you. I moved on to working for exclusive clubs, Ultra Lounge and later Honey and the vips always greeted you. In between jobs I visited Escort Oasis and besides from the direct IM's with escorts offering themselves there was a lot of chatting going on in local.

Lately I've noticed a change.
In Escort Oasis where I flash my HnH tag there is barely to no chat in local anymore.
But also at my work place things seem to have changed.
Not the working girls, they still greet everyone that comes in but a big majority of our visitors doesn't bother to respond. They stand for minutes in the club ignoring our welcome and questions before poofing out.
What's up with that? Is it too much to say hi? Even when you are not interested in chit chat or ended up at the wrong place accidentally?

Same goes for my own club.
People walking in are always greeted but 70% doesn't even bother to say hi back.

I always greet people or answer their questions when I'm on other peoples Sims or locations.
That's the way I was brought up in RL so why should I do any different on SL?

At Heaven N Hell the girls work hard.
We (tenderly) swat their asses when to "forget" to greet people or lack in their emotes.
But sometimes I wish I was allowed to swat some guest ass too.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Finalist Calendar Models of SL

I'm one of the 10 finalist of Calendar Models of SL
You can use to link to check it out.
No need to vote this competition because they use a judge so it's not a popularity contest.

And here is my latest picture.
Not running in any contest, I was just a bit bored

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Please vote for me! Ice Princess March

I've entered my photo in the Ice Princess photo contest.
The theme is Formal.
Would you please consider going to the location

and vote for my picture?

Voting Starts March 1st at 6pm slt
Being doing so you can help me win a huge amount of lindens and publicity. No hard feelings if you don't btw!