Wednesday, 16 February 2011

SL Modeling

I don't get it.
I really don't.
SL modeling agencies. They ask for a couple of thousand lindens to give you training, education and runway lessons. Am I missing something? You buy some poses, a runway AO (Vista's Runway AO is 1000L). Maybe you will spent like 2000L, then why do you still need to pay 5000L to a virtual modeling agency?

I used to model in rl from 17 to 19 years old.
I never took one lesson and I was always told that a good agency doesn't ask you for money.
If they think you are really something special then they even pay for your portfolio. Because they will get that money back in no time. I was pretty and slender but also short so I paid for my own portfolio's. But in SL shortness isn't an obstacle, you just edit your shape if they think you are to small.

Well anyhows, I did enter a modeling contest.
Just needed to sent in some pictures and need to become member to their group but did not cost a thing. Of course they prefer pics from photographer Soandso, who does ask a couple of thousands for a shoot, but I'm kinda stubborn and made my own pics.

They're not "professional" like the other pictures that were sent in. But they are mine and in my own style.
And my avi looks kinda girlish even dressed up in formal compared to the big busted, almond eyed beauties on the contest board. But I like my avi to have some resemblance to the RL me.  
The voting is done by judges so it's not like people can spam their friends to go and vote. Which is a good thing!


  1. You look gorgeous babe. And yes, I agree. Modeling agencies in SL make no sense. I have to laugh at some girls in-world who make it as if being a runway model is the greatest thing in SL after multiple attachments and needs a huge amount of talent. Some places have pose balls now. So, yea, it takes talent to right click and sit. :)