Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sexiest Awards 2010

Last Sunday it was the first of hopefully many more Sexiest Awards.
Sexiest Awards are like the Academy Awards for SL Adult Machinima
Being involved in 2 movies that were nominated in 3 categories I received an invitation to attend the award show. Thorgal had entered my Portfolioshoot and Dick Tast part 1.

We both did not expect that the movies would leave an impression with the judges as there are so many good machinima out there. But Thor won Best Editor for my portfolioshoot.

Despite all the lag I had a great time.
And when my screen wasn't all black or frozen I even managed to take some pictures.
I know most of the nominees had a great time, whether they won or did not. It's always a shame to here that there are sore losers. If you enter a competition you always have a chance you'll lose.
And when it comes to being judged for something artistic you have to deal with different people and their different look on certain things. You can think yours is the best, but if you are not grown up enough to be judged by others you should not enter a show like this.

Here come the picies:

Me in my 1 linden dress (yeah amazing isn't it) and the lovely Candace Rust
Stealing the show .. (just kidding)

Quinn wanted to sit on my lap

Best Editing for Portfolioshoot - Thorgal McGillivary (who was totally obnoxious on voice and I kicked him under the table several times)


  1. I first watched 'Portfolioshoot 1' the day that the Best Editor nominations were announced (I was also nominated in that category, incidentally)

    I thought the film was stylish, sleek and the minimalism set and economy of camera were beautifully executed.

    A most deserved winner, imo.

    I also think the Dicky Tasty films are super! Look forward to more installments.

    Congrats to you both.