Monday, 24 January 2011

Having a hard time at Hard Alley

I was bored and Penny was horny.
And as I'm always horny we decided to go to Hard Alley and not beat around the bush what is was that we were after.

I'm not used getting a hard time at Hard Alley. Only hard cocks.
I loved the whole "anything is possible here".
But then my friend Penny IMed me that she got an IM and that your boards were not really welcome.

Read my sign
So we took them down.
A real shame tho, cuz what was on my board wasn't a lie or something I made up.
And we were not bothering anyone with them. Euhmm except Face. I stuck that board up his ass several times and he just loved it.

Then we got really curious about the poseballs around the bin of lube.
So we hopped on there and as we kinda looked silly wanking without anything to wank....

Hung like a Penelope
That's how we got started on penises.
And I magically rezzed my Penis Bike.
We decided to take it for a spin, but we almost ran in to Face his ass.
And then ... pooffff... without warning our bike was derezzed by this dude.
Guess security guards do not know how to type an IM asking not to use a penis bike.
No, security guards just click and return.
Kinda sucked... penis...

Well maybe the guy was just having his period or something.
It won't keep me from Hard Alley and having a good time over there.
It's still one of my favorite places to hang out! And have fun.
Next time we will just make sure nobody sees us frolic.

Oh and for Penny... she is still horny and normally doesn't wear a dick.
You can IM her for some good times!


  1. I'm sorry to hear you had problems on the sim Aurelia. We will get down to this. What you girls did is encouraged and wanted by both Hard and myself. This won't be left unsolved.

  2. It's okay Trix!
    Guess he just wasn't in a funny mood.
    It won't stop us from goofing around anyways.