Sunday, 30 January 2011

New escort rate card is out!

Yes Master

Being an escort brings you to a lot of exciting places and meeting some great (and sometimes not so great) people on sl. During my two years in SL I've been a Sub and a Dom before discovering that the only place I like to be submissive is in the bedroom.

3 days ago one of my clients, who is in the BDSM scene wanted some latex ass spanking action.
So I put on a sexy little latex number and here are some pictures of what happened.

Note: all pictures were taken and posted with clients permission.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Poop Noodle

You can hear me sing Poop Noodle frequently at my live music venue.
So one of my staffmembers got in a silly mood and rezzed a poop noodle on my bed

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Date Auction at Heaven N Hell

Day: January 29th 2011
Time: 2 pm slt
Where: Heaven N Hell

* Minimum bid L$500
* Highest bidder wins
* Auction will be VOICE ENABLED again by RONNIE Sweetwater so make sure you have your speakers turned on and turned up!
* Winning bidder receives a 2 hour date with one of our Dancer or Escorts.
* Date arrangements will be made after the auction has been finalized. Typically within a day or two if not immediately following the auction. This auction is for a 2 hour date ONLY. Sex or any other "activities" are solely at the discretion of the entertainer not the buyer.
* No refunds...

Come and make a bid for my sexy ass!!!
And if you don't like me ... I'm sure there are enough other girls to bid on

Monday, 24 January 2011

Having a hard time at Hard Alley

I was bored and Penny was horny.
And as I'm always horny we decided to go to Hard Alley and not beat around the bush what is was that we were after.

I'm not used getting a hard time at Hard Alley. Only hard cocks.
I loved the whole "anything is possible here".
But then my friend Penny IMed me that she got an IM and that your boards were not really welcome.

Read my sign
So we took them down.
A real shame tho, cuz what was on my board wasn't a lie or something I made up.
And we were not bothering anyone with them. Euhmm except Face. I stuck that board up his ass several times and he just loved it.

Then we got really curious about the poseballs around the bin of lube.
So we hopped on there and as we kinda looked silly wanking without anything to wank....

Hung like a Penelope
That's how we got started on penises.
And I magically rezzed my Penis Bike.
We decided to take it for a spin, but we almost ran in to Face his ass.
And then ... pooffff... without warning our bike was derezzed by this dude.
Guess security guards do not know how to type an IM asking not to use a penis bike.
No, security guards just click and return.
Kinda sucked... penis...

Well maybe the guy was just having his period or something.
It won't keep me from Hard Alley and having a good time over there.
It's still one of my favorite places to hang out! And have fun.
Next time we will just make sure nobody sees us frolic.

Oh and for Penny... she is still horny and normally doesn't wear a dick.
You can IM her for some good times!

Heaven N Hell is hiring Strippers and Escorts

A lot of stripclubs on SL claim to be the best.
And there are some very fine clubs out there.
Heaven N Hell surely deserves to be in that list of the best strip and escort clubs.

It's been around for 3 years now and has really good looking and entertaining ladies on stage.
I've worked there for a year, took a maternity leave and came back to Heaven N Hell again.
During my maternity leave I have been asked to work at some other good clubs but I decided to go back to HnH. And since 2 weeks I'm a manager.

At the moment we are looking for some new stage candy.
If you are interested in working at Heaven N Hell send me an IM and I will send you an application form!

►►► Employment Consideration Standards◄◄◄
1. Your AVI must be at least 2 months old, female SL/RL only.
2. Seasoned, experienced dancers or escorts ONLY. Must have good stage presence with solid emoting skills.
3. Must have HQ Avatar and at least 6 sensual dances.
4. You must be able to read and type fluently in English.
5. You must be able to work at least 10 hours a week and make a minimum in tips (see application form.
6. You must be AGE VERIFIED.

We have really good tipping VIPs. So if you are a sensual female with good emoting skills you will be able to make some good money at HnH.

Visit us inworld:

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Being a good escort

A had a fabulous morning with a very horny escort client.
It was so hot I decided to make some pictures so I could enjoy myself all over again later today.

His cock was already so big and hard, but I made it grow some more inches by letting him fuck my throat.  

He told me he had been dreaming of this ever since he saw my movies.
I hope I made his dream come true. He sure did make my dream of today true:
Riding a big fat cock as hard as possible

My policy: never let a client leave with a cum covered cock.
So I used my face, lips and tongue.
Pictures taken and posted with clients approval

Sunday, 16 January 2011


I've been playing around with PSP after I came across a photography studio in second life that makes Morph profile pics. I was really impressed and thought it would be perfect for me but the price made me not do it.

So I started messing around myself and these are my first two Morphs.

Purple Bra
This is actually my second one, but I did some more work on the first one. The first attempt kinda looked creepy
Beauty on the stairs
They are not as good as the ones I saw in SL, but for a first attempt it's not too bad I think.

So what do you think is this profile pic worthy?
And which one should I use?
Or does this creep you out and should I stick with my normal profile pic (see earlier blog) ?

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


I've got some very good news!
I was asked to become one of three new managers at Heaven N Hell 2 days ago.
And offcourse I accepted!

This means I will not be working at Nirvana

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sexiest Awards 2010

Last Sunday it was the first of hopefully many more Sexiest Awards.
Sexiest Awards are like the Academy Awards for SL Adult Machinima
Being involved in 2 movies that were nominated in 3 categories I received an invitation to attend the award show. Thorgal had entered my Portfolioshoot and Dick Tast part 1.

We both did not expect that the movies would leave an impression with the judges as there are so many good machinima out there. But Thor won Best Editor for my portfolioshoot.

Despite all the lag I had a great time.
And when my screen wasn't all black or frozen I even managed to take some pictures.
I know most of the nominees had a great time, whether they won or did not. It's always a shame to here that there are sore losers. If you enter a competition you always have a chance you'll lose.
And when it comes to being judged for something artistic you have to deal with different people and their different look on certain things. You can think yours is the best, but if you are not grown up enough to be judged by others you should not enter a show like this.

Here come the picies:

Me in my 1 linden dress (yeah amazing isn't it) and the lovely Candace Rust
Stealing the show .. (just kidding)

Thursday, 6 January 2011

I'm back being naughty again...

... and even got a new stripper job at this really great place called Nirvana.
It will open officially on Jan 14th but there are already some lovely ladies on stage!
They are still hiring so if you are interested in working there, just go on over!

Nirvana Pigeons

I also started a new group in Flickr called Second Life Strippers
It's free to join!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Dick Tasty part 2

While Dick Tasty is up for a Sexiest Award, part 2 was finally reuploaded after some challenging render and upload problems. Again my sexy hubby Thorgal delivered an awesome piece of work.
It's even better than part 1. I hope part 3 will be even more fabulous and I am curious if I will be in it.

The sexiest film awards

I'm so proud! Thorgal McGillivary has been nominated in two categories for this award show.
Best Sex Couple for the movie Dick Tasty and guess with whom he is in the movie! Me! So I'm kinda also nominated for this award.
And for Best Editing for my portfolioshoot!
I'm so proud.

The Awards Show is at the favorite pornstar hang out: The Spice Rack.