Sunday, 26 December 2010

A Merry Pornstars Xmas

About a week ago I was invited for a shoot for the Pornstar group. I was so honoured and what made me especially happy was that I was scheduled in the same group as Quinn Ying. I still do not know a lot of the Pornstars (I'm actually a bit of a loner on SL and only have a few good friends)so it's always nice to see a familiar face at the shoot.

Being a SL photographer myself I know how tricky shoots can be with multiple subjects. And how there are always people who have their mind set to other things than the photographer. The more people the more egos.
So getting a nice shot doesn't only depend on lightning and props. It's also having a lot of patience.

So this particulair shoot took like 3 hours.
And it made me act out like a kid sometimes.
But Jeanne Sahara, the photographer, did an excellent job and I admire her patience handling our group.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Nikita Ellsmere, Quinn Ying, Pixie Rain, Aurelia Lionheart, Aprille Shepherd

This pic is also chosen to be the sexiest pic of Xmas Eve on Emanuelle's blog

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