Sunday, 12 December 2010

Meeting Quinn Ying

Last week I finally had the pleasure to meet one of the loveliest and friendliest SL Pornstars
And tough our meeting was cut short due to some RL I had a great time getting to know Quinn.
Some might be surprised to see me in a "non Bottom role" during this sexy get together

Gorgeous Quinn

It all started with an IM and a TP invitation.
Being a fan of Quinn's work I was a bit nervous to accept.
I'm glad I did cause this woman is even more beautiful in person than on the screen.

Those stunning... euhm... eyes

Okay Quinn's heavy breasts are the first eye catcher, but have you ever taken a long look in to her eyes?
They are absolutely stunning!
I felt really honoured when she wanted to show me her bedroom and her bed.

Exploring Quinn's body

The softest lips...

Quinn is so sexy and so sweet, but it still took me a little time to feel comfy.
Being a "Bottom" I'm used to be guided in to positions but being to asked to take charge is a thing I'm really not used to. Normally I would have objected, but who could ever say no to Quinn.

Getting ready to plunge in

Yum yum

I think she is enjoying it

Pounding both her holes

I had a great time with Quinn and hope she feels the same way.

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