Wednesday, 1 December 2010


So you might think it was just a romantic night, well it wasn't.
After a little cuddling and kissing feeling that hard cock pressed in between us I really needed to satisfy both our needs. And because he really loves me to suck him off ...

 Sucking his big hard cock

I really need no encouragement when it comes to sucking cock. I love to take it in deep.
Acting a little hesitant, so he need to force me to deep throat is just part of the fun.

"Suck that cock baby"

I'm always being rewarded for my "hard" work.

Pure delight

Mmmm.. my strong handsome lover

His cock can't get any harder then it is now. He's ready to explore my tight wetness and orders me to mount him in his favorite position

He's so big and hard, I'm so wet and tight

At times like this I feel sad I don't have a mirror on the opposite wall or on the ceiling.
I have pleased him so now I get another reward. As he pushes me on the bed I surrender to his pounding.

Being with him like this makes me realize how much I love him and how special it is to have sex with the one you love.

"I give my body and soul to you..."

As he shifts his position to look in to my eyes, I lift my legs so I can keep him deep inside of me

I giggle when he pouts that he wants another view on his hard cock entering my body, so I give it to him.
Arching my back and lifting my legs, while his strong hands pull me close by cupping my ass and moving them towards him.

My favorite way to come (in both worlds *grins*) is to ride a big hard cock.
So I push him down on the bed and straddle him. I just love to take it in slowly the first inches and then slamming my body hard on to his, then sliding up very slowly (so the guy goes nuts) and slam it back in again.

This feels so good

He doesn't want me to come yet, he wants to see me take him in from the other side and watch my cum drip down his shaft when I come.

Still in my orgasm he tips me over on all fours and starts pounding me.
You can hear me scream at the other end of the land at times like this.

Before he explodes he turns me on my back, pulling his huge member and covering me with his warm gift.

So you think this was the end of our little alone time?
MMM well think again... once we get together we can't get enough of each other and every bodily entrance has to be explored like it is the first time.
Will be continued.....

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