Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Jacuzzi fun

Off in the jacuzzi, I'm kissin on your stomach, Feelin on your booty, I wanna have a party, All over your body - Party all over your body by Lloyd

I was spending my afternoon with my Dutch sis Maffy at Hard Alley, when she suddenly left.
Bored and really not in the mood doing anything special I walked over to Madam Candace House of Ill Repute. Relaxing in a little in one of the chair a man walked in Edward Mileman. I was glad to see someone and craving for some company, but he left after a few minutes of chatting. I told him I was planning to get in the jacuzzi, but he had other plans and left.

I was enjoying my bath in silence, washing myself and getting a little aroused. If only Edward would have stuck around. He must have been reading my mind and before realised he had returned he already was in the jacuzzi with me. After a few awkward moments he pulled me in a deep passionate kiss and I let him take it from there....

He gave me such pleasure. Sucking, licking, probing my tight wet cunt...

I love receiving but I'm better at giving so I was glad when he lowered me back in the jacuzzi and pushed my head towards his swollen member. I took him in deep, so deep it was hard to control my gag reflex. He was so yummy and the precum sliding down my throat was sweet and warm.

I could have sucked him for hours and make him cum in my mouth over and over again. But he was dying to explore my pink tight entrance. Placing me on his lap I lowered myself on top of his cock. The head so big it barely could enter my entrance. My poor pussy stretched out. But once he was deep inside me the sensation of being completely filled gave me my first orgasm.

What an unbelievable and unplanned erotic afternoon this was. I got really pissed off hearing my phone ring and realizing my presence was required elsewhere. So we had to rush it. The next 3 minutes he fucked my brains out and filled me with his precious cum making me orgasm again.

I'm sure we will do this again some time soon.

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