Saturday, 6 November 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Thanks everyone for the fantastic Birthday Party! And omg .. you are such generous friends. I'll be Graves new best customer ROFL.

It's actually today that I've turned ..uhm... 23... lol... I've had such a good time I forgot to take pics. I've made a couple at the end of the party so sorry if you don't see your sexy pornstar body in the following post.
Also a little patience as today I'll be celebrating my b'day real life and probably won't be inworld (or just for a brief moment )

A little message to my SL daughter Molly Lemton "Happy Birthday to you too sweetie!"
As she is all the way in Oz at the moment and far away from her friends and family please send her your best whises (it's her rl birthday too today).  You can IM her inworld or leave a comment on her blog