Thursday, 4 November 2010

Girls Night Out - A story of fun and mayhem

It's after work and The Noob's manager and owner Penelope (aka Penny) and Aurelia (aka Auri) decide to visit stud muffin Thorgal at Heavenly Male. He is djing at the event and both ladies decide to dress up for the occasion. Theme is Butts and Boobs so before going to the club they go through their closet to find something appropriate. They think they have all the necessary bits covered or uncovered when Auri realizes she actually forgot something when one of the male strippers constantly is on the floor and trying to look under her dress

 They decide not to go back and get Auri some panties but to stick around. As their eyes feast on all the strong firm butts and deliciously big dicks, they get in a naughty mood .

They are having a great time and thinking they are the hottest chicks in the room.
Sure to win the contest. But when a gorgeous woman dances past them they are not so sure anymore.

Auri soon realizes that the clothing she and Penny picked out might not be contest winner material and with a L$250 on the board she might have to take some drastic measures. She open her legs wide, her dress slowly sliding up her ass and waist.

As the party progresses Penny unwinds a little and even gets a bit naughty.
While Auri keeps flashing the strippers her moist tight little cunt, Penny checks out all the big cocks and gets really excited.

Auri usually being the biggest slut where ever they are is pleasantly surprised by her friend. Seeing a side she has never seen before. Penny's eyes keep feasting on all the men meat. Even causing a little orgasm up her virgin ass.

The girls are all excited and feeling so naughty they try and seduce all the male strippers hoping one of them will go home with the prize money

Then voting starts and Auri makes sure that her fussbox is seen by everyone. Her body rubbing up and down against Penny's excited body. After 15 minutes it's time to announce the winner......

So it seems that flashing your slutty little cunt help you win a Best of ... event even when there are people better dressed than yourself. And so the girls took the prize money and went shopping for a little treat... or should I say big treat ;)

What they did with their new "toy" we will save for another time *winks*

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