Sunday, 21 November 2010

Forced Skype

Maybe it's a new trend, trying to force people to go on Skype and do webcam to prove that they are a woman in RL. Lately it happened a few times to me. Guys who only want talk to you or RP with you unless you have shown your RL self on webcam.

I pass ... I don't have to prove myself.
I choose not to get Real Life involved with Second Life.
That doesn't make me a fake, or a guy pretending to be a female or that I am very fat and ugly in real life.
Yes I've been told that I must be one of these things after I refused going on webcam.
Even had some guy shout in local that I am a man in RL (just because I did not want to Skype with him).

There are a lot of girls on SL who would love to webcam. Thing is that most of them want you to pay for it.
I think guys don't want to pay for that anymore and that this is a way for them to try and get what they want for free. Whether a girl wants to webcam or not doesn't say anything about their looks or gender in real life.
Most of us choose not to mix rl with sl. Some for privacy reasons, but also because we like who we are on SL and think it's a nice escape from RL.

My believe is: Show respect when someone doesn't feel the need or just plain doesn't want to show their RL selves to someone they just met in a virtual world. There is no harm in asking someone to get on Skype, but if someone says NO don't go attacking them for their choice, think that they are not the gender they claim they are or worse try to give them a bad reputation by shouting stuff in local.

I know there are women on SL who feel so insecure that they really go on Skype with those guys to prove that they really are women. Scared of what saying NO will do to their SL reputation. Please stop that ladies!
Don't let yourself be forced in to some thing you don't want to just because some guy threatens you or says he'll expose you as being a man! And please report those assholes to Linden!

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  1. Speaking as a girl who has done this before on her old AV, trust me, I know the feeling. I loved the feeling of camming nude and hearing a man grunt and growl at the sight of me. It's exciting. It ceased to be exciting however, when he became increasingly aggressive and started threatening violence, prompting my 8 month absence from SL. I no longer do it anymore, so naturally, men will make up their own minds.

    I personally do not think you can fake the beauty of a female personality. We simply speak different than men do. That's neither good nor bad. Just different. These days I am FAR more concerned with the beauty and depth of the soul, which I believe is genderless.

    That's a stark contrast however to the legions of males who want quick stroke-off material and a series of cheap thrills. Perhaps they might ask themselves why they have no girlfriends? Self examination goes both ways.