Wednesday, 13 October 2010

What's for lunch Miss Lionheart?

Well I, baby, I don't need romance, You know girl I just wanna get in your pants, I said I need lunch, Feed me!! ~ Dead Boys

"So what's for lunch today, Miss Lionheart?"
Well, after all the commotion these last few days I could say some British fat narcissistic fruitcake but I won't go there. Let's just see what's on the menu today.

First let me start telling you I hate to have lunch by myself. It's a good thing that there are always people willing to have lunch with me and this time the delectable Mr McGillivary was roaming around Hard Alley when he paid me a visit during my work hours at Lynden. I was getting really bored doing nothing and having only myself to pleasure in that awful cubicle to pass the time, so I decided it was time for a long tasty lunch.
I showed McGillivary the way to the cafeteria. I expected him to seat me at the table, but he wanted me on the table. "Don't you wear underwear to work, baby?" he growled. I blushed, my panties still lying underneath my desk after pleasuring myself during phonesex with one of the customers. McGillivary grinned as he pushed up my dress, squating in front of my not so hidden treasure and pressing his cold wet tongue against my clit.

He lapped up my sweet juices hungrily when my juices squirted reaching my climax. This man is a wizard with his tongue. Time to pleasure my little stomach is what I thought so I got off the table and reached for the box of pizza that someone had left there. I leaned over to reach it, my dress sliding up over my ass exposing my red swollen pussy. Before I got the change to get a slize of pizza I was pinned against the table and his big hard cock slid inside my still wet entrance.

Sliding his cock in and out very slowly, he then increased his tempo till my stomach slammed hard against the edge of the table and his balls against my ass. My scream filled the entire building as his cum filled my molested cunt. He had been eating and fucking me for over an hour now, yet still I did not have any lunch myself.  I heard a phone ringing in one of the offices "I really have to take that" I murmered. He gave me some room to get up from the table, his warm cum dripping from my pussy and sliding down my inner tighs.

When I reached the office the phone was no longer ringing and I noticed that McGillivary had followed me.
He pushed me against the desk, slamming his cock in my cum filled slid. I protested because I still was hungry and lunch time long over , he just pressed my head against the desk pounding me over and over again

He filled me again, pushing his cum out by slamming his still hard cock in me once more.
He looked at me and grinned "Now have your lunch baby, clean up this mess and go back to work" rolling me over on the desk till I was on my back 

He tilted my head back, pressing his cum covered cock against my lips. I licked and sucked him clean eagerly. Still hungry I grabbed his ass and encouraged him to fill my mouth and throat with his warm throbbing meat. I took it all in as he fucked my hungry little mouth, his balls slamming against my forehead.
"Finally lunch!" flashed through my mind as he released more warm sweet cum in my hungry mouth.

So that was lunch for today.
Can't wait to find out what's for dinner!


  1. Damn! That was hot! Now I want Pizza...

  2. Pizza? Mmmm I'm in the mood for something else right now!