Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Wanna be in my blog?

For my blog posts (my view on everyday sl and the sl adult entertainment industry) and my short stories I'm looking for people who want to co-star in them. I guarantee HQ photo material, but to do so you must have a HQ skin and hair. Your avi has to be human, over the age of 18, age verified and (if you are a guy) be well equipped (not too big or small and realistic looking).

I've already had some notecards from people wanting to star on my blog but they expect some kind of payment or to get a voiced or cammed cyber session and that's not how it works in SL porn!
Please send me a notecard if you are really serious about this and include your first and last name, rl age, times you are on sl and some pictures or a link to your blog.

Send your notecard to Aurelia Lionheart

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