Saturday, 2 October 2010

Take a dirty picture for me

So take a dirty picture for me, Take a dirty picture, Just take a dirty picture for me, Take a dirty  picture, Just send the dirty picture to me, Send the dirty picture, Just send the dirty picture to me,
Send the dirty picture, Snap, Uh - Taio Cruz featuring Kesha

Cybering, love it!
A guy who makes the effort to buy himself a good realistic cock, love that too!
A Hint for the guys: Realasm or the Xcite! X4 is a really good investment

But that I don't have a problem with SL nudity and cyber sex doesn't mean I like it when guys and girls send me a picture of their RL private parts without asking me. Why is it that so many guys (and girls too for that matter) like to spam the entire SL population with pictures of their RL genitals?

Realasm Gold Edition cock
I think sending RL pics can be really sexy but only if you know that the one at the receiving end is looking forward seeing them, maybe asks for it themselves or if both parties got something "special" going on. But just hanging out at a club, store or infohub and getting an inventory offer containing a "member" picture or people you might even know saying they wanna show you something, offering you a picture titled Me and surprise you with a picture of a full erection or a swollen pussy is just not done!

Some people think that because I returned to the SL sex industry I'm a horny little bisexual submissive slut who just can't wait to get a whole inventory full of erection and wet pussy pictures. They are right about the first part of that description but I am definitely not amused getting  RL cock and pussy pics. I will never ask for them or accept them and people who continually annoy me by sending them to me or my friends and guests, get muted, banned and reported to SL for harassment.

I'm sure that there is a big group of people who don't have a problem receiving surprise member pics. But I still think the best way is just ask someone. So you will know if your pic will be appreciated or not and you are not at risk being told off, muted or even reported to LL

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