Sunday, 24 October 2010

Something in my Mouth

Tell me baby, What do you want me to do, I've got something in my mouth, That belongs to you - Gare Du Nord

So finally he ( )  finished his first Machinima, called "Dick Tasty (Nothing in Second Life is free) " and it's chapter 1 of his Dick Tasty series. I thought this machinima would never see the light of day cuz he was kinda obsession about it and it had to be perfect. I know he is still struggling with compression, lights and other graphic stuff (which I totally know nothing about myself), but the story is really good and from the little things he told me about chapter 2 I'm really looking forward to it (altho I will not be in it myself).

He is still looking for extras for chapter 2, so if you are interested in starring in a Dick Tasty send a notecard with your info and some pictures to Thorgal McGillivary inworld, and put "Dick Tasty" in the title of the notecard.

Enough blabla ... here's the sexy vid!

Also check Thorgal's blog

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