Friday, 1 October 2010

Quit playing games with my heart

"Even in my heart I see, you're not bein' true to me " - The Backstreet Boys

"He doesn't like me talking to other guys!"
"She gets jealous when other women want to befriend me"
"I think he's fucking other people when I'm not online"
Just some conversations I've overheard these last few weeks.
And I'm amazed. Second Life relationships seem to be more vulnerable to cheating, jealousy and mind fucking than in RL (or at least in my RL). People desperately wanting to partner but when the other half is offline either the online partner starts waving his dick around / spreading her legs or the offline partner is RL worrying what the other half is doing offline. Not to mention people using alts to go back online to find out what their SL partner is doing or let their alt screw around with other people with little chance to get caught.

Not making love but having fun!
While partnering seems to be a hot topic in SL it's obvious that 90% of SL partners lack trust in each other, are not faithful to each other (and off course deny this) and just happily screw around.
I say let them be... but what I do find pathetic is when both partners engage in previous mentioned acts and start to make a drama about it (the pot calling the kettle black), trying to get others involved by lying to or about them, and/or using them to get back at their partner.

Recently I encountered some of this pot and kettle stuff with in my own circle of friends.
She accusing him of lying and cheating. He accusing her of being to jealous and seducing other men.
Off course they both deny it but as a matter of fact I know they both cheat, lie and are jealous of each other. One of them even using an alt not to get caught by the other half. I think it's just dandy they give each other this kind of mind fuck and wish them a happy SL life together, but what does not make me happy is them lying to and about my other friends in favour of their big fat mind fuck game, trying to break up other couples and bad mouth about what my friends supposedly have done or said.

I could get terrible upset about this all, but I just smirk when I get an IM saying that my SL partner is hitting on jealous seducing wife or that one of my friends supposedly cheats with my partner.
I just play my part of gullible and reliable "friend" well (well maybe I'm not so convincing anymore after posting this blog) but as a matter of fact I can play the mind fuck game too. If they want to make me and/or my friends part of their marital mind fucking drama I will gladly add a little more spice to it.

I'm so glad I can trust my SL partner. We are not solely commited to each other.
We are not looking for love either. He is just the best friend I've ever had.
Love in SL? No thank you, I'm not looking for SL love, I'm looking for SL fun.
I've seen too many people losing the fun in this game by commiting to another avi.
And besides love is something I want in my RL, with a real person and real steamy hot sex and not in a game with poseballs and readjustable bodyparts.


  1. I have seen what you've seen too. I think a large part of the problem is we get caught up in our SL love affairs and neglect our RL ones. I've found and lost love in SL. Now I am working on RL--repairing the damage. But the temptations to play in SL is all too easy. It is the balancing of the two that takes real work.

  2. I can relate to that but what I just can't understand is why go and try messing up other people's SL and cause the drama the couple I'm talking about does.