Saturday, 9 October 2010

Life Sucks

Reach for my, grab for my, pull out my cock, You can do it with ease, just get on your knees.
Start licking and slurping, my dick will get firm,  Soon you'll be tasting sperm - Suck on my Cock by Matt Rogers

"Not today baby" he growled as he lay on top of me squirming to get his hard cock in my tight wet pussy.
He grabbed my arm and pulled me off the bed. My soft warm ass landed hard on the cold wooden floor. I was startled and look up at him, his appearance almost beastly. He rubbed his hard member with his right hand, his left index finger touching my lips, opening them. I shivered as he looked down at me, softly placing his cock between them. I moaned, my hands wandered down my body and found my wet entrance. Rubbing my clit and probing my soaking wet cunt with my fingers I curled my tongue around his flesh, ready to tease his meat with playful licks and soft sucks. His strong hands moved behind my head. Apparently he was not in the mood to "play". He pushed his throbbing cock down my throat, fucking me hard so I could barely breathe. I closed my eyes, enjoying every minute of this abuse, my juices dripping on the wooden floor. My fingers eagerly fingering my tight pussy.

A shiver ran through my body. Fuck yes, my orgasm on it's way. Then he stopped fucking my mouth and I could hear him snicker. I opened my eyes when he pulled his cock from my mouth.
His eyes told me to keep pleasuring myself and with his fingertips under my chin he tilted my head backwards. I opened my mouth and moaned thinking about what was coming.
He rubbed his long length hard and fast. I moaned loudly when I orgasmed and as my juices gushed on his floor he squirted his thick sweet cum on my face and lips.

He smiled approvingly "good girl" and slapped his cock in my face and mouth. His cock still massive and now covered with his own cum he pushed it back in to my mouth....................

The End

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