Sunday, 3 October 2010

Hard as a rock

A Rollin' rock; Electric shock, She gets a lickin' that don't stop, She line 'em up, Push you 'round, Smokin' rings goin’ round and round, Her hot potatoes, Will elevate ya, Her bad behavior Will leave you standing Proud, Hard as a rock, Hard as a rock, Well, it’s harder than a rock - AC/DC

Today I decided to go to the woods to relax and catch some rays of sun. But as I did not have a clue what to wear and I like an over all tan, I went to the woods looking this.

As I walked through the forest I found a big pile of rocks. They were warm from the sunlight and the perfect spot to lie down and as there was no other human in sight the ideal place to satisfy that burning passion deep inside of me. I began to rub my pussy. As it became moist and warm, I slipped a finger in my tight entrance slowly fucking myself. The first drops of my sweet juice slid down my legs and as a tiny drop fell on the rocks below me I felt it shiver. Before I realized that rocks normally do not shiver I was already up in the air.

The pile of rock turned out to be a enormous rock monster and the first thing I saw hanging upside down was his giant cock. He grunted "What sweet pussy juice woke me? Now I'm thirsty!" With his stone mouth he pushed my legs apart and started to lick my juices from my legs till they were clean and then started to lick my swollen folds. All the time my head dangling above his gigantic cock. My mind shifting between pure fright and pleasure.

When he seemed satisfied he lowered me right above his cock. A little pool of precum lying on what was the head of this rock monster's penis "Lick and suck you seductive human" he grunted at me. Scared but also fascinated I stuck out my tongue to taste him. It tasted so good I wrapped my lips around him and started to suck. He growled as he ejaculated rock semen in my mouth.

My pussy got so wet again it started dripping down his rock body. He sniffed at it "Seductive human making me want to mate" he moaned as he pulled his cock out of my mouth and turned me straight up. He made me sit on his huge member. I screamed in terror. This was not really happening. That "thing" was way too big for my tight cunt. But as I struggled to get away from this monster my dripping wet folds opened and I slid over his cock. He fucked me hard. I was so amazed that I wasn't sure whether I was enjoying this or not. But I came hard when he filled me with his rock cum.

He then threw me over a moss covered pile of earth and spread my buttocks apart. As he shoved his cock in my tiny star I fainted.

I'm not sure for how long I had passed out, but when I woke up it was already night and I was lying on the pile of rocks again. My finger inside my pussy and my juices dripping between my legs. It probably was just some weird dream and I decided to go home. As I tried to stand up and leave I noticed my ass felt soar and that there was something weird lying under my butt ... sticky white little pebbles....


Thanks to my good friend Penny for doing a spelling check *lol*