Wednesday, 27 October 2010

First Impressions

You're right, I'm the asshole, And this bitter, jaded attitude is getting me nowhere, But I love this feeling - Emmure

The following blog is based on my opinion and my opinion only

I've tried to make my Second Life profile funny, informative, kinky, cute. I'm on SL to meet people and have fun and because those people read profiles I don't want them to run off scared when they've read the first line of my Second Life info. That's what I do, read peoples profile when I meet someone and I get the hell out of conversation when it turns out to be just one big ad screaming "I'm anti social, I'm a narcissist, I'm socially challenged".

I truly do not understand why someone would want to make such a negative first impression on a social platform like Second Life? And my first thought reading such profiles are in the line of: They must have a real crappy real life, why do they want to copy that in second life?" Just to make sure... I'm not talking about people who have "none of your business" in their first life tab. I'm talking about the heavy stuff, the ones that also have warnings posted in their picks.

Only a few months ago I met a person with such a profile on a RP sim. At that time his profile was covered with warnings to "Fuck off" and a whole statement on how many people he had muted and what you had to do to be next. I soon found how one got muted, cuz this person had a bit of a controlling issue with narcissistic tendencies. I kinda made my own plan and rules and he did not like that. And it wasn't just me, because in the following days most of the sim's regulars hated his guts.

A few weeks ago I met another person whose profile should have made some alarm bells go off but he was very kind and generous (and funny in his own way too) that I really did not take a time to dive in this person's profile. If only I had. That "Fuck off, don't even go there" should have been a sign for what drama was to come. And when the drama happened he even found it necessary to replace his second life info with a warning to stay away from my club! Business was booming in the next few days so I'm still grateful for that free advertising. *lol*

The other day I encountered the RP narcissist at another sim. He came up to me like nothing had ever happened. Like he never said in an IM that he would never talk to me again and that I was not to address him ever again. He forbade me to speak to him or mention his name to others. He also made threats to tell all others on the sim what kind of person I was (I guess the kind of person who does not want her strings pulled by some fruitcake who thinks he just can). I did not answer him then or now. But when he continued to talk to me I muted him. A few minutes later he IMed me again using an Alt and asking me why I was ignoring him. MUTE and I walked away.

Off course to just ignore and walk away from a person like that is like .. well .. you can make an educated guess. I was standing at a different spot, checking out a store when I noticed he had followed me and had started pushing me. I was like .. WTF ...  So I filed a complained with the people who run the sim.
I never do that ... you have people on SL who are keen filing complaints or wave the TOS under your nose for every tiny thing you do that annoys them, but that's a different story ... I normally ignore people who piss me off or mute them.. Usually they get the hint and leave me alone. This guy just didn't get it at all. What was I thinking, ignoring him and walking away ... how could I ever do that to someone like him? *flashes the finger*

So next time I meet a person with a profile that just screams "I'm a social whack job"
I will just say hi .... and bye!


  1. The web is a safe haven for persons with social disorder syndrome, because it allows them to have as many runs with new personalities as they wish...
    I wonder why they even write it on their profile, but probably living as crazy splinters in a world where we finally emphasize the value of social interaction leaves them so little to tell on their profiles... That's why I read profiles, it shows you a lot of what surrounds the person you're meeting, whether she feels part of a community or just a lonely person trying to kill boredom.
    To have a social awareness doesn't mean to be a sheep between other sheep, means to be able to develop skills that allow us to achieve great results and satisfactions, and make a better life for us and people that surround us...
    See you online, pornstar!!! Kisses, Quinnn

  2. Wow Quinn, I love the way you think and feel about this

  3. Amazing. I must be extraordinarily fortunate, or not nearly as adventurous as I thought.

    I always start with profiles. If interesting, then I consider IM. Consider only, as my appetite has proven to be far greater than my ability to provide the necessary time to cultivate a relationship, sexual or no. Add my theatrical commitments...sigh.

    Sorry, veered to the mirror side there...

    I have read a few profiles that left a damaged taste in my mouth. I like to think, if female, that they have met one too many assholes. It lessens my ill will, but seldom convinces me to knock on their stone wall and introduce myself.

    I suppose the difference is gender, and proclivity. I can't imagine the incredible grief a woman endures just trying to find a little fun, or a little companionship. We all see the assholes, but never the intimate conversations...thank you, Jesus.

    That you are so out there, and true to your appetite, and still can be as open as you are, I find amazing. Good for you.


  4. The funny thing about all of this Aurelia, he blames someone else for the actions that were taken that day. Not once did it cross his mind that what he did to you was wrong. And that other case? Well, he was suspended for 3 days for rl death threats. But now he's back in world. All we can do right now is just take care of who we talk to. And if he comes around with an alt (he will let you know it's him, he can't stay away from the people he's latched on to) all we can do is mute him again and ban him again and if needed report him again. It's a sad reality that the whack jobs in SL are seemingly safer than those who are just there to enjoy themselves peacefully.