Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Debut in blog and porn

My first personal blog brings us to my debut in the sl porn industry.
A few months ago I thought I had said goodbye for good to stripping and escorting on SL to focus on something totally non sexual: my own live music venue.

It was an act of complete Second Life boredom and lack of sleep that brought me and Thorgal to a casting for second life porn. I could tell you all about how it came to be but it's easier to forward you to this blog post virtualimmaturity

Yesterday the movie came online and to be honest I was a bit disapointed. Even though we really were not serious getting in to SL porn and we had the biggest laugh I had hoped of something more professional than this. As my virtual daughter miss M.L. said: looks like the director sat in front of his monitor with a cam.

Being the perfectionist that I am I now have set my mind to making a good movie. If you want to see me and Thor in action: NaughtyTwisted: 3girls1guy