Friday, 31 December 2010

Being PG sucks

So I have been PG for almost 2 weeks now and it kinda sucks
I miss making porn and stripping. Most of my sl time I'm spending on Flurbils and photograpy.

Today I made my new profile pic!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Pink Leather Jacket by AV design

One of my dearest SL friends just has started his own clothing line on SL: AV Design
On this pictures I'm modelling a very sexy pink leather unisex jacket.
It's for sale at the Marketplace
The price is L$699 and that a real bargain considering you will get 7 colours.

I love pink so that is why I choose this colour for my shoot. I love it!

I heard a rumour

I know he has been working on it for a long time already but it looks like it is really on it's way!
Part 2 of Dick Tasty by Thorgal McGillivary.
He needs to shoot the final scene, do the voice over and it's ready to go.
I'm sure it will be even better than part 1.

Haven't you seen Part1 yet?
Well here it is:

Monday, 27 December 2010

A Lionheart's Purr Photography

When I started on SL I made me own pictures.
Soon I started making pics for other people.
Now after 2 years I can say I've found my own style in photography and I'm ready to take on commissioned work again.

Basic Edited Pictures:
100L per picture or 6 for 500L

Professional Editing
250L per picture

My portfolio can be found here:
Aurelia's Portfolio on Flickr


Some SL clothing designers got it.
The "I get so horny when I wear this" it!
For me Graves has it!

I started buying Graves for my SciFi RP, but now I just wear it when ever I feel like it.
It's so sexy, I always feel reluctant to have it pulled off from my body.
So just slide that bodysuit aside when you want a little tast of Aurelia wearing Graves.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

A Merry Pornstars Xmas

About a week ago I was invited for a shoot for the Pornstar group. I was so honoured and what made me especially happy was that I was scheduled in the same group as Quinn Ying. I still do not know a lot of the Pornstars (I'm actually a bit of a loner on SL and only have a few good friends)so it's always nice to see a familiar face at the shoot.

Being a SL photographer myself I know how tricky shoots can be with multiple subjects. And how there are always people who have their mind set to other things than the photographer. The more people the more egos.
So getting a nice shot doesn't only depend on lightning and props. It's also having a lot of patience.

So this particulair shoot took like 3 hours.
And it made me act out like a kid sometimes.
But Jeanne Sahara, the photographer, did an excellent job and I admire her patience handling our group.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Nikita Ellsmere, Quinn Ying, Pixie Rain, Aurelia Lionheart, Aprille Shepherd

This pic is also chosen to be the sexiest pic of Xmas Eve on Emanuelle's blog

Friday, 24 December 2010


Wishing all of my friends, followers, clients, stalkers, family, sex budies, partners, groupies, co workers, town idiots and pain in the asses
a f*cking great Xmas

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

I've got class

Yesterday I was commented on my pics.
I was told I make good quality pics but what I shoot lacks total class.

Okay some people don't like porn.
But later I realized that what they were saying is that I lack class because the subject in most of my pics is ... well ... ME. That I like porn and sex doesn't say anything about having class or no class.

It was a weird day anyway.
I also had a guy freaking me out, asking me all kinds of weird questions about Americans and American soldiers, which I refused to answer. I don't like talking about politics in RL so why the hell should I talk about it in SL?

Anywho, I also did a shoot yesterday.
With clothes on and no genitals showing.
The pics aren't classy, they are amazing!!!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

These things called Flurbils

It's almost Christmas time so I'm trying to keep all the porn stuff to a minimum with the exception of dancing and esorting for Heaven N Hell.

So I spent most of my SL days at Heaven N Hell, at my own club The Noob and with Flurbils.
Yeah you are reading it right: FLURBILS

My friends know I never take the time to explain stuff to others, I usually redirect them to a website with a manual or something so here goes

Flurbs are a great way to meet people and are highly addictive.
Best thing about is is that you can play without spending any money.
Oh except for the carrier I'm carrying, that was like 50L

Monday, 13 December 2010

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Meeting Quinn Ying

Last week I finally had the pleasure to meet one of the loveliest and friendliest SL Pornstars
And tough our meeting was cut short due to some RL I had a great time getting to know Quinn.
Some might be surprised to see me in a "non Bottom role" during this sexy get together

Gorgeous Quinn

It all started with an IM and a TP invitation.
Being a fan of Quinn's work I was a bit nervous to accept.
I'm glad I did cause this woman is even more beautiful in person than on the screen.

Those stunning... euhm... eyes

Okay Quinn's heavy breasts are the first eye catcher, but have you ever taken a long look in to her eyes?
They are absolutely stunning!
I felt really honoured when she wanted to show me her bedroom and her bed.

Exploring Quinn's body

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Merry Christmas everyone!

Wishing all of my friends, followers, clients, stalkers, family, sex budies, partners, groupies, co workers, town idiots and pain in the asses
a f*cking great Xmas

At the beach with Edward

He was feeling a bit lonely, all by himself on the beach.
So he called me "will you keep me company?"
Who can say no to a sweet guy like Edward. He always makes me feel like a lady ...

... even when things start to get a little naughty...

Sunday, 5 December 2010

I'm back home!

No place like home!
No place like Heaven N Hell

I'm back at HnH working as an escort.

See my Second Life profile for the rates!

Saturday, 4 December 2010


After some love and lust , it's time for some little "sin"
He loves it, that is why I love it too

"You really think you can fit that in there?"

And he doesn't like to be careful when it comes to the back entrance.

But here comes my reward.
My small hole and back covered with cum... hmmmm... yum

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


So you might think it was just a romantic night, well it wasn't.
After a little cuddling and kissing feeling that hard cock pressed in between us I really needed to satisfy both our needs. And because he really loves me to suck him off ...

 Sucking his big hard cock

I really need no encouragement when it comes to sucking cock. I love to take it in deep.
Acting a little hesitant, so he need to force me to deep throat is just part of the fun.

"Suck that cock baby"

I'm always being rewarded for my "hard" work.

Pure delight

Sunday, 28 November 2010

... and now for something completely different

Thanks to Thorgal.
I just have to share this vid.
Uhm ... no pun intended


It's not all about lust.
Thor has been my friend and lover for a very long time.
The last few weeks we were both busy doing other things/people, but finally there was some "Us" time this week. Thorgal, I love you so much!

Thor checks my funny wig. Don't think he likes chicks with strange wigs in his bed so I took it off

Waiting for my best friend and lover.

A nice fire and a big comfy bed. It's been a long time.....

Friday, 26 November 2010

Dick party

4 people bored out of their minds.
Karaoke event and no one showed up (euhm... kinda forgot it was Thanksgiving)
And this is what the 2 dutchies, 1 irish and 1 american get up to when they think no one else is around.

The biggest dick of them all ... Richard!!!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Forced Skype

Maybe it's a new trend, trying to force people to go on Skype and do webcam to prove that they are a woman in RL. Lately it happened a few times to me. Guys who only want talk to you or RP with you unless you have shown your RL self on webcam.

I pass ... I don't have to prove myself.
I choose not to get Real Life involved with Second Life.
That doesn't make me a fake, or a guy pretending to be a female or that I am very fat and ugly in real life.
Yes I've been told that I must be one of these things after I refused going on webcam.
Even had some guy shout in local that I am a man in RL (just because I did not want to Skype with him).

There are a lot of girls on SL who would love to webcam. Thing is that most of them want you to pay for it.
I think guys don't want to pay for that anymore and that this is a way for them to try and get what they want for free. Whether a girl wants to webcam or not doesn't say anything about their looks or gender in real life.
Most of us choose not to mix rl with sl. Some for privacy reasons, but also because we like who we are on SL and think it's a nice escape from RL.

My believe is: Show respect when someone doesn't feel the need or just plain doesn't want to show their RL selves to someone they just met in a virtual world. There is no harm in asking someone to get on Skype, but if someone says NO don't go attacking them for their choice, think that they are not the gender they claim they are or worse try to give them a bad reputation by shouting stuff in local.

I know there are women on SL who feel so insecure that they really go on Skype with those guys to prove that they really are women. Scared of what saying NO will do to their SL reputation. Please stop that ladies!
Don't let yourself be forced in to some thing you don't want to just because some guy threatens you or says he'll expose you as being a man! And please report those assholes to Linden!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Jacuzzi fun

Off in the jacuzzi, I'm kissin on your stomach, Feelin on your booty, I wanna have a party, All over your body - Party all over your body by Lloyd

I was spending my afternoon with my Dutch sis Maffy at Hard Alley, when she suddenly left.
Bored and really not in the mood doing anything special I walked over to Madam Candace House of Ill Repute. Relaxing in a little in one of the chair a man walked in Edward Mileman. I was glad to see someone and craving for some company, but he left after a few minutes of chatting. I told him I was planning to get in the jacuzzi, but he had other plans and left.

I was enjoying my bath in silence, washing myself and getting a little aroused. If only Edward would have stuck around. He must have been reading my mind and before realised he had returned he already was in the jacuzzi with me. After a few awkward moments he pulled me in a deep passionate kiss and I let him take it from there....

He gave me such pleasure. Sucking, licking, probing my tight wet cunt...

Sunday, 14 November 2010


Sex .. ah ... yes I like that.
Porn ... love it.
But there is so much more in life that makes me happy and one of them is photography.
Here is one of the pictures I made today that gives my fuzzy feelings inside.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Video Message

I made a tiny little vid once, just to see how it all works
But today I've published my first self made machinima!!!
Still having a long way to go in Second Life machinima I'm still very proud to present:

Video Message

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Axi wants a raise

One of my hosts (Axi) came up to me asking for a raise. I told her to fuck off and I think she kinda took it literally. She pushed me on the bed, slid my panties to one side and started to eat my cunt.

She fucked my pussy with her long wet tongue, giving me immense pleasure.
But still kept telling (in between moans) that she wouldn't get a raise

She even convinced my manager Penny that she also needed a raise and when I told Penny that she could just forget about that, the two of them held me down on the bed.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

I got a big cock

I got a big cock, He's so damn big, I got a big cock, He even ate a pig, I got a big cock, A big cock for your mouth ~ Fenix TX

Just now I was at my partner's house, checking out his new beds (yeah beds as in plural) and they were really nice. Just lying on them made me so horny and I was in need of big hard cock. Shame tho he wasn't at home. So I just got one. Rubbing my big hard cock in his bed. Now my club's management was at Thor's house too ... but one prefers ladies (without cock) and the other one doesn't have sex with anyone then her fiancee. We did get a frisky tho, but that's for another time. It's bedtime now and hopefully there is a big hard cock waiting for me and that one isn't attached to my own lower body (yet).

As a real famous Dutch pornstar would say: Een hele geile goede nacht!

Monday, 8 November 2010

Pictures from my B'day Party

I was enjoying myself a bit too much at times (grins) so I started to take pictures at the last hour of the party.
So sorry if you do not see you sexy pornstar body in this post.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Thanks everyone for the fantastic Birthday Party! And omg .. you are such generous friends. I'll be Graves new best customer ROFL.

It's actually today that I've turned ..uhm... 23... lol... I've had such a good time I forgot to take pics. I've made a couple at the end of the party so sorry if you don't see your sexy pornstar body in the following post.
Also a little patience as today I'll be celebrating my b'day real life and probably won't be inworld (or just for a brief moment )

A little message to my SL daughter Molly Lemton "Happy Birthday to you too sweetie!"
As she is all the way in Oz at the moment and far away from her friends and family please send her your best whises (it's her rl birthday too today).  You can IM her inworld or leave a comment on her blog

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Girls Night Out - A story of fun and mayhem

It's after work and The Noob's manager and owner Penelope (aka Penny) and Aurelia (aka Auri) decide to visit stud muffin Thorgal at Heavenly Male. He is djing at the event and both ladies decide to dress up for the occasion. Theme is Butts and Boobs so before going to the club they go through their closet to find something appropriate. They think they have all the necessary bits covered or uncovered when Auri realizes she actually forgot something when one of the male strippers constantly is on the floor and trying to look under her dress

 They decide not to go back and get Auri some panties but to stick around. As their eyes feast on all the strong firm butts and deliciously big dicks, they get in a naughty mood .

They are having a great time and thinking they are the hottest chicks in the room.
Sure to win the contest. But when a gorgeous woman dances past them they are not so sure anymore.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sexy Spiderlady

I've made this pic to post in my reminder party invitation and I think it's so damn sexy I just wanted to share it with you. You might have been wondering why I haven't posted any "adventures" but I've come down with a bad case of the flu and tho I still enjoy a hard piece of man meat or deliciously wet pussy I do not have the energy to photograph, film or blog it.